Deal With Your Life, The Rest Will Come Later

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Can you take reality? Sure, we can try to fake it, try to avoid it, try to cheat it and everything else. But, ultimately reality is as existence exists, and it cannot be avoided. Sure, we can shuffle it on down the road like normal people do and deal with it in thirty years or make ourselves extraordinary and deal with it now, our choice.

The scenario, this is what it comes down to

Indeed, the concept behind the lives of most people comes down to: How long can I cheat, beat and play against the inevitable instead of dealing with it?

This scenario is not about those usual "most people", this scenario is about the few that genuinely deal with the here and now honestly and courageously. Oh, we hear about the people who do not deal with it enough on television, and get placated enough by what we hear, see and consume to copy them. That is called the network television news, the newspaper, and whatever we all get "informed normally" by including some of the internet.

So, here is the scenario: Instead of taking the "trap door" most people take of, "I will deal with it in thirty or forty years, but until then I will fake it until I make it:" You genuinely look at your goals and desires here and now in reality here and now instead of avoiding them and fearing them, you embrace them genuinely.

Happiness is not a warm gun or an avoidance of life

To avoid life is to avoid yourself in an unhealthy way. Sure, it sounds abnormal, but, it is the most normal thing in existence, because everyone no matter who they are wants an easy path for them. I confess, even I at times am tempted to take an "easier" path than I am taking in my life, but in the end, I stay on my path that I am on because I genuinely know that it is worth it.

But, the point to the above is: Who does not have that "I want a warm gun and I am ready to go" feeling when things get excruciatingly hard?

But when it gets hard, the extraordinary people get strong, they do not look for escape, they build strength without cheating or wanting "too much ease". The Bee Gees' musical group had a song called "Too Much Heaven" in the 1970s. I know exactly what they meant: Sure, we can get "high", we can "fake it", and we can "escape", but in the end we come crashing down weakly and even more weak than before. The only way to really deal with life is to go through it consciously. What do you think George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff's saying "Remember yourself" really meant anyway?

Sure, there may or may not be more sections to this article, but I wanted to instantly put on screen and into reality that which I feel is valuable to all who need it.


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