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Emotional pain is very real, it is extremely distressing, and experienced by all of us at one point or another, here I share my tips on coping and working through it.

Emotional pain what is it?

First of all to understand emotional pain we need to know what it is : Emotional pain has been described in a variety of ways, but is defined most easily as pain that is intense and isn't reflected in a physical way but is rather felt emotionally.

An unavoidable part of life?

Unfournately, emotional pain is considered by many psychologists and other mental health professionals to be an unavoidable pain of human existence and the experience of being human. Just because it is considered to be inescapable though, does not mean that one can do nothing to ease that pain, see below for some tips.

Coping tips and what I have found useful

So what helps when one is experiencing emotional pain? Here are some things I have found useful.

Try and identify the source of the emotional pain: Think about what is causing you the emotional pain, is it something from your past? Something that happened recently? Long term unresolved issues? Once you identify what is causing your emotional pain you will be able to think about the specific issues that are causing you to feel it now, and what has triggered it at this particular moment in time.

Acknowlege the pain : While Dr Phil is considered by many to be a "pop psychologist" he once said "you can't change what you don't acknowledge". This is very true, if you deny or dismiss your emotional pain it will only become more intense, acknowledging what you are feeling validates it and doesn't make it seem so difficult.

Seek professional help : Most emotional pain stems from the root of unresolved issues or experiences, seeking professional help will allow you to work through the emotional pain and become a happier healthier you.

This is a short article, but I hope it helps in some way

Final thoughts

Although experiencing emotional pain is considered to be an unavoidable part of the human experience, that does not mean that you cannot do anything to feel better, hopefully my tips will have helped, and I look forward to seeing your comments on this, suggestions for improvement, and have a great day


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2nd Apr 2015 (#)

Great tips.

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23rd May 2015 (#)

I sometimes like to watch D. Phil. appreciate his work and he has a wonderful wife, Robin.

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