Dealing With Sleep Apnea: Take Simple Yet Timely Steps

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Sleep apnea is a common disorder yet is widely overlooked. Timely treatment can help people get over this ailment completely. Here we take a detailed look at sleep apnea.

Watch for Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is a metabolic condition that manifests as interruptions in breathing during sleep time. This ailment is nothing new and is treatable but people often ignore it thinking snoring (a common symptom in people with obstructive sleep apnea) is something hereditary. Sleep Apnea needs treatment as soon as one recognizes it, one must not waste time.

Physiology of Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea occurs as breaks in the breathing pattern. These breaks could be for 15 seconds at a time or it may last longer than a minute. Observers will observe this as a snoring pattern and in most cases dismiss it. This kind to shallow breathing can lead to complications if left untreated.

Different types of Sleep Apnea

Obstructive type: In this, the person has blockage in the air passage. This may be due to disease or because of obesity. There is soft tissue in the rear portion of your throat that relaxes and causes blockage. The excess growth falls into the passage and obstructs the flow of air.

Central type: In this the central nervous system that controls all involuntary actions when we sleep such as blood circulation, breathing and digestion, does not do its duty. When the person pauses breathing, the nervous system does not restore the breathing like it should. Instead, it waits until the person has stopped breathing all together for a minute or more and then jolts the person back awake.

Complex type: This is a combination of both the above types. Patient will have central type breathing pattern in addition to having growth or blockage in the throat.

Risk factors

What brings on sleep apnea? Here are the most common conditions that are responsible for causing sleep apnea.
1) Large neck: People whose neck size is larger than it should be (person 1.65m tall should have a neck size of 17-18 inches).
2) Age is more than 40: Incidence is more in people who have crossed 40 years of age.
3) Males: Males have more chances of developing sleep apnea
4) Overweight: This is a major cause since increased body fat can stress the neck muscles more.
5) Nasal congestion: If one has congestion due to cold or infections, then there is possibility for sleep apnea.
6) Diabetes: People with diabetes also have more chances for this ailment.
7) Smoking and alcohol: These habits increase the chances of incidence for sleep apnea.
8) Have abnormal structure of throat: This may be a genetic defect but it may cause disturbance in breathing pattern.
9) Effect of medication: Some sedatives also cause sleep apnea.


Obstructive sleep apnea: First, there are things you can do yourself. Here are some of them.
a) Be regular in your sleep habit
b) Sleep on one side
c) Quit smoking
d) Avoid alcohol before going to bed
e) Shed weight

For sleep apnea in general
Next, here are the things you can get your physician to do for you.
a) Use breathing devices: The physician inserts these devices into the air passage to keep them open when you sleep.
b) CPAP (Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure): You use a mask (you can also do it without a mask) to regulate the airflow by keeping the pressure positive.
c) Supplemental oxygen: Use oxygen tanks to supplement your nighttime breathing.
d) Treating underlying medical disorder (say heart disorder): By treating the disease that is causing the condition, you go free of its symptoms.

Ill effects of sleep apnea

The major ill effect of sleep apnea is tiredness and listlessness. In the morning, you wake up feeling sleepy and find it difficult to focus on the things you are doing. The other effect is that if one leaves it untreated, it could damage the healthy tissues and lead to diseases like heart disorders and diabetes. Why this happens is that during sleep, our body will lower the rate of metabolic activity so that the body temperature lowers. The damaged tissues undergo repair and rebuilding of new tissues occurs. However, when sleep is interrupted, the metabolic activity remains high. There is no repair or building of tissues.

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