Dealing With Your Partner During and After Rehab

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what exactly the steps are to recovering from an addiction.


Addiction is tough to recover from, and it’s no easier for the partner who has to help someone get through the recovery. It can also be devastating in every way. According to, over five thousand emergency room cases in a day in the United States are due to drug abuse. In women especially, the statistics have been growing according to the Wall Street Journal. If your spouse or partner is dealing with her addiction, then the best thing you can do for her is do your best to understand what it means to go through an addiction recovery, and what exactly the steps are to recovering from an addiction, and living with the consequences of substance abuse.

First of all, know that you are not alone. Second of all, understand that while it can sometimes be an uphill battle, it doesn’t have to be a lonely or constantly difficult one. Substance abuse and battling its dependency may be like toiling against an illness, but it can be toiled against humorously among other things.

Communication Is Key

Keeping things light is important to finding a way to deal with your partner’s addiction. Whether it’s alcohol addiction (which is most common and growing among women) or a different kind of substance abuse, patience and communication is the only way you’ll keep your relationship alive when the going gets tough and things get dicey.

There will be times when you will feel helpless and alone. There will be times when the relationship is in danger. These are the testing times, and they’re when you have to hold together the most and be honest with each other, no matter how hard it is.

Support Your Partner, But Support Yourself Too

It’s extremely important that you take care of yourself during all of this. Putting your partner first is what a relationship is all about, but there will be times when the stress of helping with recovery will be too much, times when you need to take a short break to tend to your own needs.

Keep a hobby, make sure you have friends to talk to, maybe even head to the gym. Go running, lifting weights, or shooting hoops. Do whatever you can to get rid of some pent up anger and net yourself a few endorphins. Keeping yourself mentally fit and completely calm and collected can save your relationship, as well as massively help your partner better herself and be the kind of partner she wants to be.

Find the Help You Need Together

When the time comes for professional assistance, choosing the right women drug rehab center together is an important step. According to the NIH, about 5 percent of women over the age of 18 have an alcohol abuse problem. Look around, and make sure to choose a reputable rehab center like the River Source.

The first step to the right women’s rehab center is accreditation. Through research, you can make sure that the providers you’re looking into have the licencing necessary to be an official state-sanctioned drug rehab center. The last thing you want in a fight for your partner’s recovery and treatment is fraudulence.

Reputation matters as well. The Internet can be a great way to look up how reliable a treatment center is. Try and find as many aggregate opinions as possible before you make a decision.


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