Dealing with Sleep Apnea: Problems Related to Use of CPAP Devices

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Sleep apnea is not life threatening but once should take immediate care. Here we discuss one situation arising from the use of CPAP devices for sleep apnea and how this in turn causes problems.

Sleep apnea is not an adult disease

Obstructive sleep apnea is not restricted to adults since this disorder may manifest in children too. Excessive fatty tissues tissue deposits in your nasal passage region, swollen adenoids or tonsils or genetic defects bring on obstructive sleep apnea. Children too suffer from this ailment and so you find children snoring.

Types of sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea are two kinds of sleep apnea. In central sleep apnea, there is no blockage of air passage. Central nervous system fails to signal your body to resume breathing when there are interruptions to normal breathing pattern.

Problems rising from sleep apnea

Here we discuss two common problems that you could face with obstructive sleep apnea. We will also see what factors bring on sleep apnea.
I. Problems associated with sleep apnea
a. Failure to recognize problem fully: People who suffer from sleep apnea, will have breaks in breath pattern during sleep. However, their family treats snoring as something normal and ignores it.
i. Snoring ignored: Snoring causes excess carbon dioxide build up in your blood. It disrupts normal metabolic rate and cell regeneration process.
ii. Restlessness, morning fatigue downplayed: Insufficient sleep will cause restlessness but people ignore it thinking it is something to do with their diet and exercise. Good sleep is necessary to help body recover from rigors of the day.
iii. Inattentiveness also fails to find proper attention: People who do not have proper or sufficient sleep will display inattentiveness. Their mind will still be wrestling with problems related to improper metabolic rate. This will affect their appetites too.

b. Failure in utilizing CPAP machine properly: Of the many problems associated with operating a CPAP machine, human error predominates.
i. Cannot tolerate forced air: Solution is to use machines that automatically adjust to your breathing pattern. In some models, you also have ramp feature that will allow air pressure to increase gradually starting from lowest value.
ii. Claustrophobic feeling: Using progressive muscle relaxation therapy, you can achieve a remarkable degree of calmness. Check using mask without straps when you are awake. Find which portion of that apparatus is causing maximum disturbance.
iii. Using wrong size: Different faces require different masks since shape of face will change. Now, you can try using different size (try bigger if mask is tight). You can even change to nasal pillow and these will allow a person to read too.
iv. Dry stuffy nose: Use a nasal saline spray before bedtime. Then you can also use heated humidifiers so that airflow does not augment dryness in nasal passages.
v. Dry mouth: People who breathe through their mouth are most susceptible to this kind of problem. Use heated humidifiers with CPAP device. In addition, you could use chinstraps to keep your mouth closed.
vi. Skin sores: Material of these CPAP devices may cause irritation to some type of skins. This will lead to improper adjustment and leakage of air. Change your CPAP brand or use skin salve to soothe irritation.

II. Factors that bring on sleep apnea
People who qualify for any of these following conditions should take extra care.
1) Age is over 40
2) Have family history of sleep apnea
3) Male
4) Large thick neck
5) Gastroesophageal reflux
6) Obesity
7) Malformed nose

Deal with sleep apnea

If you find any symptoms of sleep apnea in your life or in someone else, you have to take immediate action. If left untreated, this could lead a variety of diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure. Remember that people will tend to laugh of snoring as something irrelevant. Your physician will help you tackle the situation effectively.

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If treated in time, sleep apnea can be cured completely. Hope your aunt is doing well now.

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