Defense Mechanism and Health

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Defense mechanism is defined as the behavior of a person manifest to cope the uncomfortable situations affecting his emotions.

Defense Mechanism and Health

The defense mechanism can be a healthful way of solving problems if it use in the appropriate manner. If it is used inappropriately, one’s personality will be affected so as to create trouble that affects one’s health and society.
Defense mechanism is defined as the behavior of a person manifest to cope the uncomfortable situations affecting his emotions. They are important in able to form a healthy relationships or ease an unhealthy contacts and healthy in our immune system.

There are twelve types of defense mechanism and these are as follows:

1. Compensation- the person’s weaknesses are replaced by using strength in other areas. For example, you try out for a baseball team, but you haven’t made it; you compensate it by dancing with the dance troupe.
2. Daydreaming- the person tries to escape from a disappointment of frustrating situation by imagining pleasurable events such as dating a favorite celebrity.
3. Displacement- the person transfers his feelings from the main target to another object. For example, you hate your father because your were scolded. Since you cannot fight back, you transfer your emotion by kicking your dog.
4. Idealization- the person admires someone so much that even if that individual has committed a mistake it is not accepted as such.
5. Identification- the person dresses and eats the same food or uses a soap which a celebrity star he admires uses.
6. Projection- the person blames someone else for his failure.
7. Rationalization- the person gives ‘’alibis’’ for not accomplishing a thing,
8. Reaction formation- the person shows the opposite attitude to what which you truly possess.
9. Regression- the person reverts to childish behavior.
10. Repression- the person doesn’t remember any accident or event that has happened.
11. Sublimation- the person channels his leadership quality to other events to get the focus of attention.
12. Substitution-the person changes his course of events to a less difficult one.
Using defense mechanisms everyday is unhealthy. This will affect one’s self-esteem and respect. It can be used only when the need arises, to avoid embarrassment or to escape from trouble. Though they may work as a ways of avoiding short term pain, they can also generate non-constructive outcomes and aren’t much help to someone looking for ways to solve problems. Sever cases would lead to amnesia, hallucination, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental health problems. Serious mental health problems may require medical treatment; they cannot be successfully addressed by themselves.


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