Dehydrated Skin - How Retain the Fresh Look of Your Skin

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Many women have dehydrated skin and most of them do not know how to retain its fresh look and keep it soft and gentle. It dose not matter what type of skin you have - oily or dry, you can always suffer from dehydrated skin if you do not apply the needed skin care.

Dehydrated Skin - How Retain the Fresh Look of Your Skin

As you probably know, water is really important factor if you want to have beautiful skin. The lack of water is the main cause of dehydrated skin. But you also should not underestimate and other reasons like air pollution, soft drinks, smoking and drinking alcohol, and unhealthy diet. That is why you have to change you lifestyle a little bit if you want to have smooth and satin skin.

How you can understand that your skin is dehydrated?

If your skin is dehydrated, then when you lightly squeeze it, you will see small silver lines on the spot. Another sign for dehydrated skin is the appearance of small spots, most likely on the sensitive parts of your body like the area around the eyes, neck and forehead.

Why you need water to protect your skin from dehydration?

Our skin is made of two main layers - epidermis and dermis. The dermis contains connective tissue, elastic fibers and collagen, which during our life decrease their amount and the skin loss its elasticity and smoothness. Epidermis is located over the top of the dermis and it is the outer part of the skin. You have to know that every day your epidermis loses one or two layers of cells.

The human body consists about 70-80 % of water and about 20 % of it are stored in the skin. If the weather conditions are normal, the surface of the skin evaporates about 300-400 ml. of water. If that quantity is more dermis can provide to the epidermis, then the result is skin dehydration. If you want to prevent that, you have to drink a lot of liquids during the day - at least 2 liters. Water is your best option, but you can also have fruit juices and tea. Try to avoid the use of soft drinks, because they will dry your skin and ruin your weight loss efforts.

How you can regain the fresh look of your skin?

As you see, the best way to keep your skin in perfect condition is to drink more water. The unhealthy diet also leads to dehydrated skin, so try to eat more fruits and vegetables which contain high amount of water. The prolong sun exposure is another dangerous factor for your gentle and healthy skin. So, when you are on the beach you always have to apply protective and moisturizing creams and lotions.

You can also use cosmetic products which contain hyaluronic acid. Its beneficial properties are well known and such kind of products will always help your dehydrated skin in the best possible manner. You can also refresh your face with natural citrus water and you should never forget to exfoliate your skin in order to remove the dead cells and allow and accelerate the skin regeneration process.

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