Depression Kills You

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Depression kills.It is like a venom that when enters the blood poisons the being.It is hard to control the helpless feeling surrounded with mixed thoughts.But man is gifted with intelligence, so there is no reason why cannot escape the chaos in the mind and the uncertainty of feeling.Rise from where you fall and renew.

Depression Kills You

The Face Of Depression

Every now and then we read in newspapers, see in TV news and internet famous and not famous persons committed a suicide due to depression. The readers, the relatives, friends and foremost, the family will be affected much for the loss of someone dearly loved.Those who ended their lives due to depression might have some personal problem they cannot share to others.

Others lost interest to live if deadly sickness attacked them. Deadly disease enters the human due to abuse. Addiction to hard wine and illegal drugs are the root causes why suffer serious disease.

Depression kills you if you tolerate your feeling.Why are those very poor living in the mountain survives hunger, poverty, and deprivation from the society.Why are the beggars despite neglect from society,despite tired of begging still very hopeful that they can still have something to eat?

Why can't you unchain yourself from that vulture so your entire being will be spared and would live to the fullest? The answer is yours!

Recall You Sweetest Moment

Depression Due To Marriage Failure

Broken marriage also leads to depression, failing grades in school, stress, lack affection and many more. No one is perfect in this world, but life is too short to be wasted or ended in the wrong way. In fact, if we can only buy our life so we can live forever, perhaps, by all means we do it.

Why do sick persons still want to live? Why do our parents and family members bring the sick family member to hospital? This is because they want their sibling to live and so with everyone. Life is so beautiful and worth to live and cherish while still on earth enjoying the beauty of the world and the beauty of life.

There is no problem that cannot be solved.Why can't you solved your problem as husband and wife.Recall those day when you first met and the unforgettable moment when you said in God's presence " I Do " during your wedding? Try to play your favorite song and capture those words both of you always expressing: " I love you."]

Never be defeated,Be strong

Ask yourself if your problem can be solved without being depressed...

Are you depressed because you are cheated by your beloved? Are you depressed because you live alone and no one takes care of you? Are you depressed because nobody believes in you? Or, are you depressed because you always work and work and no savings at all?

Hey, look at the worms; they crawled to the ground to look for food. They strive to survive. They never complain. They want to live and enjoy their journey as a living thing.

Look at the birds, they find it hard to seek for food. They need to fly and search for the right region where there is abundance of food. They fly in flock together forever no matter what. But why you, human, gifted with the intellect, complete hands and education, do not strive to make your life beautiful?

Actually, if you are depressed now, you are the one making your life ugly.

Be like: " The master of your fate" and " The captain of your soul" ( excerpt : Invictus, by Henley )

This means you must face your own problem and struggle without fear,without sadness,without insecurity and without losing hope.Just learn from your mistakes.The experience you have will teach you a new lesson, a new chapter in your life for a new you.

Give Justice to Yourself

Never Give Up!!!

Can you not see the magnanimous mountains, cool rivers, calm lakes, and green trees? Can you not see the beauty of the waves bouncing back and forth? They are dancing melodiously for their vastness is not permanent. They also suffer high tide, low tide, pollution, destruction, but they continue to be happy in their wavy journey.
Look at the sky; you might have forgotten the Lord sees you on High. He is ready to help you. Just call His name and your feeling will be tenderly embraced by God’s constant and unending love. What is life without God? It is nothing.

Let us not be affected with our problem. First, find out if your problem is really a problem. Find out if it has a solution or not. Evaluate your problem as too hard, that it costs to end your life. If know that it could be solved, then, there is no reason why entertain depression. Fight it. You own your life and destiny.

Life without experiencing struggles, problems, heartaches, difficulties and troubles is a life that has no value at all. It is from them that we learn and become tough.

What are you waiting now? Enjoy your life, talk to friends, shop around, go to malls, and pray so hard.

You are the strongest army of the Lord ; He sends you to the strongest battle of life.

Depression is like a disease only you could cure it with your strong spirit to survive,your will to achieve and your mind that empowers your moves.

Look at yourself. You are not alone.Your shadow is with you.There is sun above in the day.There is huge moon at night that illuminates you, and bright stars that twinkle only for you.Pave the!


Acceptance, Face Tomorrow Be Happy, Feel The Beauty Of The World, Forget Yesterday, Happiness Forever, Life Is Beautiful, Life Is Too Short, Love The Self, No To Kill The Self

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author avatar snerfu
29th Aug 2014 (#)

God gives us tribulations so that we may emerge stronger than before. Of course, it is hell to go through. But think of us who are around. Surely, you like our support and kind thoughts. Don't worry we all get to the other shore sooner or later, trust in God.

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author avatar Erly
29th Aug 2014 (#)

Hi snerfu? Thanks for your bright thoughts.We all know many ended their lives due to depression....our journey on earth is a mystery...

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author avatar Erly
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Hi snerfu? Thanks for your bright thoughts..You're great!!

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author avatar RBB1010
30th Aug 2014 (#)

Good and needed article Erly, thanks. Depression is a serious illness we never need to overlook!

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author avatar Erly
31st Aug 2014 (#)

Hi Ronnie? Yes, very serious if one confines his thinking about the root of his depression.....thanks

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author avatar Jo Valois
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

I like this article of you maam erly! :)

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author avatar Erly
2nd Sep 2014 (#)

Hi Jo? Thank you so much..your appreciation is very much welcome....welcome to wikinut..good luck to you here..

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