Depression is not to be Feared, But to be Faced

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Depression can threaten anyone, including or loved ones. Let's commemorate World Mental Health Day, which falls on October 10 by being more aware of the symptoms of depression in our family.

Root of Depression

We always try to maintain physical health by a healthy diet and exercise. How about the mental health? Often times, we do not give enough attention to our mental state, and unknowingly dissolved in depression. Various studies reveal the great dangers of depression for the family.

In 2009, the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council in the United States published a report entitled "Depression in Parents, Parenting Patterns, and\ Children. "said dr. William Beardslee, a member of the institute and professor of child psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, one in five Americans suffer from depression at any given time in their life. "People who are depressed often do not seek the treatment they need" said dr. William, a career devoted to the study of depression in the family. In fact, parents who are depressed can cause various problems in the lives of children, young adolescents as well as those who already become the adults.

The Relation Between Depression and Family

"Depression is not recognized and not treated in parents can result in negative consequences in children," said dr. William. "The consequences that include poor performance at school, an increase in the frequency of physical pain, free sex, and adolescent depression. "

Depression also damage the parent-child interaction and disrupt family life as a whole. According to the study, children of parents with depression tend exhibit symptoms of depression and are at high risk to visit the ER.

Instead, there is a lot of research evidence that shows that when parents are depressed get help treatment and therapy, the condition of his family will be much better.

Symptoms of Depression

"Depression can be treated of course," said dr. Mary Jane England, a psychiatrist and professor of health policy and management at the Boston University School of Public Health, who led the Institute of Medicine.

But, she added, "Because of the stigma and lack of awareness of some medical practitioners, we still do not handle it properly."

Responding to this, dr. WM. Roan, SpKJ (K), a psychiatrist from RS OMNI Pulomas, confirmed that depression is one mental health which the most experienced, including in Indonesia.

These symptoms that we should aware of : impaired concentration, attention to children and families is reduced, becomes more subdued, and feel useless so want to kill him or herself. Another symptoms is a mood disorder, such as anxiety disorder and the fear of meeting strangers. Personality disorders were also a typical symptom of depression.

For example, when there is something unpleasant, he becomes very mad and emotional. "If you have a mood disorder, it will interfere with a person's concentration and work patterns, "said dr. Roan to the Media Zone. "People are usually happy and cheerful changed to be quiet, unwilling to socialize, and could not finish the job properly. If you have this symptom, immediately consult a doctor, especially if there's suicidal thoughts. "

Depression can be Inherited

There is a genetic factor in depression. Parents who are depressed may inheriting the risk of depression to 50 percent of their children. In addition to genetics, environmental factors are also influential in triggering the onset of depression, such as lifestyle in big cities which is competitive and "hard."

The influence of depression is very broad. In addition to an impact on the family, depression can also cause physical illness for sufferer who has been attacked. For example, before the depressed person's body is always reasonably fit, but since the depression hit, he often has a heartburn, diarrhea, or hypertension.

Although it sounds terrible, in principle, depression can be cured, especially with psychotherapy and pharmacological methods. Therefore, dr. Roan reminded that each family, both parents and children, should pay attention to the physical and mental health conditions.

Bottom Line

In the end, depression is very dependent on the durability of us from the various stressors which attacking. Therefore have a good defense mechanism and manage the closeness to your family.

If a family member affected by depression, do not blame him. Instead, give him your support and offer hope, because depression still can be managed and cured!


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4th Oct 2012 (#)

Modern lifestyles add to the problem when even sane persons are put under stress. Human body has its limits - siva

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