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Being detached is not the same as being apathetic. We can be 100 percent detached and 100 percent involved at the same time. In, fact our commitment toward achieving a particular result is usually enhanced by being detached from it.

Ways To Recognize An Attachment.

Attachments are addictions. When we are attached to something, we think we cannot live without it, just as a drug addict feels he cannot live without drugs. We believe our well-being depends on maintaining our attachments. We
can be attached to just about anything----expectations, ideas, objects, self perceptions, people, results, rewards.
The list is endless. One person, for example might so attached to his car that he takes an accident as a personal
attack. Pity the poor unfortunate who backs into this person's car. He might as well back into the owner himself.
Another person might be attached to his job. He could become real crazy and depressed if he gets fired. We can
be addicted to our emotions as well as to our thoughts. We can identify with our anger so strongly that we are un-
willing to let it go. We can also be addicted to our pessimism and reluctant to give up. Rather than perceive these emotions as liabilities, we can see them as indications that it's time to practice detachment. Most of us are addicted,
to some extent, to our identities: We are American, veterans, high achievers, bowlers, loyal friends, business owners, humanitarians, devoted parents, dancers, hockey fans, birds watcher. If we are attached to these roles, they can dictate who we think we are. When these identities are threatened, we might fight for them as if we were defending our lives.
The more addicted we are to an identity, the harder we fight to keep it.

Ways to recognize an attachment:
When we are attached and things don't go our way, we might feel irritated, angry, jealous, confused, fatigued, bored
frightened, or resentful.

Ways to use this process:
Detachment can be challenging,. In times of stress, it might seen like the most difficult thing in the world to do. You can practice a variety of strategies to help move toward detachment.

Practice breathing:
Calm your mind and body with breathing or relaxation techniques.
Note: It might be easier to practice these techniques when you're not feeling during neutral activities such as watching television or taking a walk. Practice detaching. The key is to let go of automatic emotional reactions when you don't get what you want.

Some caution:
Notice also that detachment is different from denial. Denial implies running away from
whatever you find unpleasant. In contrast, detachment includes accepting your emotions and knowing the details of them-----down to every last thought and physical sensation involved. It's OK to be angry and or sad. Once you accept and fully experience your emotions, you can more easily move beyond them of long with God Grace.


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Thank you Fern!

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