Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2

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The diabetes is a horrible thing for anyone to have. This is to educate people on type 1 and type 2 and what to do if you have it.


The type1 diabetes is fatal. The body as insulin producing beta cells that are in the pancreas and it can be destroyed. This type1 is usually before 40 years. Getting this after the age of 40 is uncommon. Type1 or juvenile diabetes has beta cells to burn out. In addition, the type1 is not reversible.
Overweight children, will suffer with the diabetes can occur. It could be because of eating, inherited or no exercise. One out of five overweight children will have this. There may be a history, female gender, any specific ethnic groups.
A person needs to have sugar, starch. In addition, it should change daily correctly. People may not know the types of diabetes, or insulin. The various types of diabetes is still being researched. But, if people are ill with diabetes use insulin.
Type2 diabetes happens when the blood has a build up of glucose. Extra fat in the body may also bring on diabetes. These cells are not getting enough. The name is ordinary Type2 diabetes or the adult onset. Most people get enough natural insulin. Type2 Diabetes is the more popular. This type2 will cause issues, including: heart attack, stroke and other medical problems.
Dehydrations are when sugar is too much urination. It can make one ill and life threatening issues. Type2 diabetes are connected with the older age. Be cautious are excessive: thirst, urination, hunger, fatigue and irritability. Vascular signs are blurred vision, weight gain, foot swells, sores, leg pain, walking or chest pain.
The treatments for diabetes can be helpful. The several ways it can help are insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol, Anti-platelet medications and others.
Most people change their eating ways after diabetes. Think positive in ones life. Lose the negative thoughts. Lose weight, eat balanced meals will help. If one is smoking, then quit. Even second hand smoke is dangerous. There will be problems in vascular, and disease category.
There are concerns on the Peripheral vascular has another issue. This narrows blockage of the arteries. There are medications and diets to control hypertension and cholesterol. There are several tests to learn about diabetes. These are A1C testing, FPG test, and Ogtt.
Learning to care of the diabetes is important. This has to be done each day. A life will be healthier, better and life. The plan to follow are
• Follow an eating plan
• Be active
• Take medications
• Check everything regular
• Take that insulin
• Join a support group for diabetes
If the level drops below 70, then it will be low blood pressure. The low number drop can be caused from
• Take too much diabetes medication
• Delaying or missing that meal
• Be more active
• Drinking alcohol


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My mom has type 2 since she was young

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