Did you hear about the American avian flu among chickens and turkeys?

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Here is a sad story of a lot of chickens and turkey on a farm being killed because one has avian flu.

The numbers on avian flu and why they all get killed at a farm when one has it

In 15 states in the Midwestern United States, 30 farms have been affected by the deadly avian flu with the deadly strain H5N2. As a result of that so far 44.7 million chickens and turkeys had to die. They all didn't have avian flu, but if a bird is diagnosed with the avian flu all the chickens and turkeys on that farm have to be killed, so it doesn't spread. This is currently going on in spring and summer of 2015

What is a breaker operation?

Most chicken farms have what are called breaker operations. The breaker operations are just as its name says it is. The farmers break the eggs on the farm and pasteurize, and these are called liquid eggs. These broken eggs are also frozen, and they also make them into a powder.

Liquid eggs and in what they are used

Since the liquid eggs in the breaker operations that some of the farmers run are losing so many chickens, they are charging more for the eggs. These liquids eggs are used in bread, baked goods, and pastries. It takes eggs to make these products; The farmers don't have a lot of eggs, and that means the companies that use the eggs have to pay the farmer a higher price.

New country the Usa is going to get eggs

Since the eggs cost so much more, that means that the products that use the liquid eggs will charge more for their products. They will charge more because they had to pay so much money for them, that is if they can get some because some farmers are charging so much and not making new contracts.
IN the past, the United States only allowed eggs to be imported from Canada. But the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) from Canada. But the USDA is getting eggs from the Netherlands. The reason they probably decided that The Americans Bakers Association said they were going to Congress and the USDA and lobby for Eggs from the Netherlands
InSupermarkets eggs have gone up in price, and wholesale eggs have gone as far as double the price.
U.S. Chief Veterinarian Officer said he thought they should stop getting the avian flu. The reason that he believes this is he thinks the heat will kill the virus.


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