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The 5-Factor Diet was created by a man that goes by the name of Harley Pasternak – a well-known and respected personal trainer to some of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood and around the globe.

Introduction to Diet Program

The diet program is based on simple principles and make a lot of use of the number 5: for example, the duration of the program is 5 weeks long, you are instructed to consume 5 meals per day, there are 5 cheat meals that you are allowed to eat throughout the course of the program, and the workouts and conveniently 25 minutes long.

The whole concept of this program is to bring simplicity to the general public and allow those who aren’t too knowledgeable in the industry a good option to achieve their goal physique in a short amount of time, but also with safe methods.

Pros and Cons

There are an abundance of pros of this program – the most obvious one being that the program has a lot of credibility simply because Harley is a trainer to some of the most popular celebrities around the world and there are many testimonials on the site to prove this. In addition to this however, the plan is very easy to follow and has been proven to be very effective even for those people who struggle to stick to a solid diet plan – the cheat meals are a huge help in this respect and really aid in the transition from junk food to healthy food.

In regards to the cons, there are a few but these can be overcome with a few alternatives. First and foremost, the delivery service can be quite expensive – however, this can easily be resolved simply by not using the delivery service and instead opting for a more DIY alternative, it might be harder but you will feel a much greater sense of accomplishment. In addition to this, another con would have to be that there is too much information on the program itself and this could result in people becoming a bit worried if they don't trust Pasternak.

Affordability & Convenience

The program is very affordable and comes in a few different pricing options. First and foremost, many people will probably opt for the book – you can purchase the book, read it cover to cover, and simply apply the principles in your own time. An alternative to this would be to use the online program that costs a small sum of $4 per week and you get exclusive access to online message boards, diet planners and so much more.

This weight loss program is very convenient and can be very beneficial for many people – even those with a hectic lifestyle who struggle to fit exercise into their daily routine. As mentioned above, you will consume 5 meals per day and this might seem like a lot, but they will be smaller meals. Your workouts are also restricted to only 25 minutes per session which can be very convenient and you can even complete these during your lunch break at work.

Long-term Effects

Because of the principles that are applied in this program, it has been proven to be very effective especially in long-term situations. You will find that many of these new diets will focus only on short-term results and in return they get a lot of great reviews, but after a while the customer will realize that they are gaining weight again – this is because the program hasn't taught sound principles. Harley Pasternak's program does teach sound principles and is thus a solid program if you are looking for long-term results.

Where to Purchase?

The official website is the best place to purchase the product and find out more information on what Harley Pasternak has to offer you and the community – you will find an array of information on there such as testimonials and more information about the program. You might also want to check out Thinreport for a more extensive review of the program and for an alternative view.


Many people struggle not to apply the principles of a diet and training regime – but more so understanding the process behind the diet and training regime. Many people will have the dedication and the drive that is required to follow through and reach weight loss goals but it is the lack of knowledge and information that slows them down.

The 5-Factor Diet is a great way to overcome this and can definitely be a helpful tool to help you achieve your goals. The creator of the program is a well-known and respected trainer in Hollywood which proves the credibility of the program.


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9th Aug 2014 (#)

I never knew a diet plan that wasn't expensive. I used one that allowed me to lose 22 lbs. I learned the secrets of eating properly but went broke on the first month of meals. Four years later, I have not put pounds back on, thanks to the learnings from spending so much on the food!

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11th Aug 2014 (#)

yeah exactly... We learnt from our mistakes.. :)

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