Diet Soda Can Cause Tooth Decay

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Diet soda is very acidic and it readily dissolves enamel. Drinking three or more diet sodas a day can have worse dental health and had far greater tooth decay, more missing teeth, and more fillings.

The Effect Of Too Much Drinking

Dentist proved that heavy drinking of diet soda or diet cola can cause tooth erosion or tooth decay and rotting. This is worse and has more bad effects than being experienced by a long term drug addict who consume large amount of crack cocaine.

Diet soda, like crack cocaine, are acidic which wash away enamel and causes teeth vulnerable to cavities. Colas, for example, has 10 times an erosive ability than fruit juice.

Drink Diet Soda In Moderation

The appearance of the decayed teeth were soft, discolored and had been worn or eroded that dentist can't save its affected teeth. The last thing they would do is to remove all the teeth and replaced them with dentures.

To avoid tooth decay, diet soda heavy drinkers should wash their mouth with water to wipe away the acidity of the substance after drinking sodas. They should brush their teeth at least twice daily and should drink a lot of water. As much as possible they should drink diet cola and soda in moderation.

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author avatar Bipolar Blogger
30th Jul 2013 (#)

lol ok that is plain disgusting! But hmm it does work as a diet plan, your teeth rot, your teeth fall out... you weigh less! hahaha

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author avatar Roselyn
30th Jul 2013 (#)

I read some research that diet cola doesn't really reduce weight. Maybe I had to write an article of Thanks William!

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author avatar LESLEY
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Diet soda also causes you to gain weight and aspartame causes brain damage.

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author avatar Roselyn
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Yes, it can really harm your health. Thanks LESLEY.

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author avatar jenny1015
31st Jul 2013 (#)

And just to add to that, a serving of cola (355 ml) which has 140 calories is equivalent to 10 tablespoon of sugar.

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