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In this article, I am going to write the easy and practical tips for Diet. There are nine practical tips in the article which I hope can be very useful for all of us.

Easy and Practical Tips for Diet

There are still plenty of people who go on a diet in an extreme way such as, changing eating pattern from three times a day to twice a day, not eating anything after 6 pm or decreasing the amount of carbohydrate significantly.

For your information, going on a diet does not mean torturing your body. What you have to do is changing your eating pattern slowly and do it continuously although your target has been reached. Remember it is more difficult to retain something that you have got than the process to reach it.

To go on a diet normally and practically, you can try out some diet tips explained by Erin Shade, a nutritionist and researcher from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Some of the tips are as follows:

1. Eat only when you feel hungry.
2. Keep your stomach full before doing activities outside your house so that you can decrease your eating out habit. A study mentions that home-made food generally contains less calorie than food at restaurants.
3. Ask for lunch box early when you eat at a restaurant serving food in big portion. Put the food into your lunch box and eat it. When you are full, the remaining food can be brought home.
4. Stop munching snacks right from their boxes or plastics wrappings. Use small plates to put enough snacks and keep them after that.
5. Consuming food while watching TV should be avoided. A study reveals that people tend to eat more food and less nutritious food while watching TV.
6. Consume food in a small portion but do it quite often to prevent from hunger when the eating time is coming. There is a tendency that you feel hungry and eating time is still a long way to go, you will eat more and faster.
7. Try to consume at least one kind of vegetable/fruit without flour everytime you eat.
8. Drinks containing 0 calorie should be avoided because they generally only contain sugar.
9. Lack of sleep may cause the increase of the level of some hormones like growth, insulin and cortisol hormones which can trigger the accumulation of fat. So, have enough sleep.


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