Dietary,Lifestyle Changes Could Lead To A Healthier Society

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With the trend in the world to day everyone tries to cut weight or working out to burn some calories.Why not try something different,healthy eating habits.

Folk Medicine

In his practice as a medical doctor,D.C.Jarvis discovered that he could classify his madical accomplishments under three headings;
1. Patients he could really help.
2. Patients he could only help a little.
3.Patients for whom he could do nothing.

To his disappointments,patients in category two and three were far too many in his opinion,the reason for his medical failure was that medical treatments focused on infectious diseases.Some of the infectious disease include :
-TB (Tuberculosis)
-Small Pox,among others.However,some of the diseases in category two and three are non-infectious diseases that include:
-High blood pressure
-Migraines e.t.c.
He further realised that because most of these diseases are chronic except a few like high blood pressure and cancer,doctors don't give them the interest,time and attention that they should.

His curious mInd was fascinated by the people of Vermont (one of the small states in the US),the food they eat and the medicine they use.The latter he fondly reffered to as the, 'folk medicine'.Throughout the book,Arthritis And Folk Medicine (1960).

Doctor D.C. Jarvis And His Research

In Vermont folk medicine,he recognised a different approach to solving medical problems than those he had been taught.As time passed, he decided that a working knowledge of their approach could only add to what he had acquired in medical school.
He was particularly interested in Arthritis.Because if Vermont medicine could help clear up the mystery of that disease,it might as well prove to be a very useful in treating other clinical conditions. He began his five year study by gathering the remedies used by Vermonters.He found out that fruits,berries,the leaves of plants,the bark and roots of trees,honey and oils obtained from fowl and animals were used in making these remedies.But after all his collections, he didn't understand the medical reasoning behind their use.He then embarked on observation and discussion with aged Vermonters on what they ate that brings them to the latter years of life with good eyesight,good hearing and mental and physical vigor with no evidence of senility.

He observed that Vermonteras avoided processed foods like white floor and sugar and prefferd natural foods such as cornbread,popcorn and honey. The aged Vermonters also warned Jarvis against taking milk as a beverage but encouraged him to take sour drinks such yoghurt and apple cedar vinegar.

Eat Healthy Foods

He later experimented with animals such as cows and also with willing humans on the effect of the food they eat and the effects of such foods on the body fluids especially urine whose acidity or alkalinity could be detected by a simple strip of nitrazine paper.
Most of the chemical reactions take place in body fluids such as blood,saliva,gastric acid e.t.c.These chemical reactions are vital in disease control,maintainance of body temperatures and the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual or animal.

His findings indicate that when foods that acidic in nature are consumed,the body is able to fight diseases.No wonder when you have a cold you are encouraged to take home remedies that include hot water with lemon and honey while one of the most recognized medical expressions is,"an Apple a day,keeps the doctors away".

Foods that lead to alkaline reactions include those that are made of processed white flour,muscle meat (beef,mutton) e.t.c. Natural foods he recommended include;
-Organic meat such as liver,heart and kidney.
In his concluding remarks,Jarvis believe that the real job of a doctor of the future will be a physician and also to teach people how to be healthy.Since I want to live to an old age of vigoor and health,and since I can't avoid all these things that Dr.Jarvis has recommended,I intend to take a balanced diet and when I take a lot of meat,I finish with lemon in hot water or sour porridge or yoghurt or any other drink that will neutralize the alkalinity.


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author avatar Harris Mungai
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you very much Utah.At first I thought one meal is very a little,but just keep at it and stay healthy.

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author avatar Ptrikha
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Quite informative.

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author avatar Carol Roach
27th Jan 2015 (#)

I have to be careful, I have liver trouble

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author avatar Harris Mungai
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Ptrikha,your name is hard to pronounce...Lol!

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author avatar Harris Mungai
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Sorry Carol about that,but this and many other article might help.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
27th Jan 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Jenny Heart
28th Jan 2015 (#)

I enjoy reading about ways to improve health. Hey is ketchup considered one of those acid food to wort of illnesses lol cause I like it on alot lot of things.

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author avatar Harris Mungai
28th Jan 2015 (#)

Jenny,thank you very much for your comment.
Which Ketchup are you talking about,in any case,all ketchup brands are chemicalized.

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