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When dieting, a great way to lose weight is to take home made soup to work to eat at lunch times.

Dieting On The Go

Dieting can be tough when you are in a full time job. Usually you have to eat in the works canteen, and the only meals on the menu are starchy and fattening. Or, if you don't have a canteen, you tend to go out to the nearest take-out place and either get fast-food or a Subway sandwich layered with fattening mayonnaise. Or you buy salads which don't fill you up and you are then tempted to ruin everything by snacking out of hunger and desperation.

The key to dieting is to have a full stomach but to take in low calories. One solution is to try the soup diet at lunch times.

Soups tend to be mainly water and hence have a low amount of calories. However, soup is strangely filling, which means your stomach doesn't give off hunger pangs for several hours after you have eaten your soup. (We are wired so that when the stomach is full, a signal is sent to the brain to stop eating - hence you get that full and satisfied feeling after a big meal).

As a result, soup diets work in reducing weight. It's not recommended that you only eat soup all the time, but substituting soup for one meal - lunch - usually works to reduce the overall calories you take in.

Don't try tinned soups on this diet - they are full of added sugar and starch, which means they arn't low calorie.

Instead, make some soup at home from vegetables and take it into work. For example you can make a healthy but low calorie soup from cabbage, green peppers, celery and onion - add some salt, pepper and spices to add flavor. Then simply pack the hot soup in a soup thermos, and take it with you to work. It will still be hot at lunchtime, and you should be able to eat it at your desk. The soup will work it's magic and you'll be happy and full all afternoon, but not putting on weight.

Soup diets really work well in autumn and winter when the need for a hot lunch is greatest.


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