Different Types Of Amnesia

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Here are some of the common types of amnesia and their causes.


Amnesia is losing the ability to memorize data or to recall any information that is stored in your memory. It is when your memory is disturbed and you have a hard time recalling past memories and experiences. In the simplest form, amnesia is the loss of memory. The cause of amnesia could be organic or functional. Organic causes such as the use of specific drugs or some degenerative diseases can alter the way you remember things and events. Functional causes are psychological in nature such as the defense mechanism of the brain to forget painful and traumatic incidents.

Some amnesia are severe and irreversible and some are mild can be reversible. Here is a quick look in the several types of amnesia. The severity of the amnesia depends on how and which part of the brain is affected and damaged.

Retrograde amnesia is one of the most familiar types of amnesia. People affected with this type have trouble and inability recalling the past before the amnesia started. However, they can create, form and recall memories from the point of amnesia and forward. Retrograde amnesia can be caused by a severe blow to the head for example from a car accident or a nasty fall. It can also be caused by drug abused or stroke. Parts of the brain where the past memories are stored are damaged and cannot be access by the brain anymore, thus causing the amnesia.

Anterograde amnesia is the opposite of retrograde amnesia. People affected with this type have trouble and inability to create and form new memories. They can easily forget events as they happen, names or faces of people they just meet but memories from the past can easily be remembered by them. Their long term memory is intact while the part of the brain processing the short term memory is altered that is why they have the trouble recalling the present event and situation, however people suffering from this kind of amnesia can learn new skills and can recall how to do them. This type of amnesia is most common from people suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Transient global amnesia is the type that is referred to as the severe type. People having this type forget everything; it is a total memory loss. They forget their name, events and they can’t even recall who they are before the amnesia. Their identity is somewhat locked up somewhere in their brain and cannot be located as of the moment. However this can be reversed as the brain heals itself but the amnesia can last for days or even years.

Dissociative amnesia is also one of the severe types of amnesia. People affected with this type of amnesia retain their general memory but they tend to lose their personality. People suffering from this type can create a new or altered personality. Stressful situations and personal trauma could cause this type.




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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Feb 2011 (#)

Amnesia would be a scary thing to have no matter what type.

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author avatar MJ Brewer
29th Aug 2011 (#)

Due to a miscalculation by a doctor for the prescription of Prozac and a day spent in the mountains, I suffered anterograde amnesia. I was about 24 when it happened and I lost most of my memories back to my teen years. It took over a decade to "rebuild" myself, but I feel I'm much better now. I'd rather be the person I am, than the person I was to become. I'm a screenwriter, but unfortunately cannot remember my life enough to write a screenplay. Even my journal entries during that time made little to no sense a lot of the time for I had regressed to the understanding of about a three-year-old. Thank God it wasn't the transient global amnesia, right?

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author avatar Mcloving
30th Nov 2011 (#)

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author avatar Mcloving
30th Nov 2011 (#)

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author avatar Faduma
6th Dec 2011 (#)

About fourteen years ago, my mother gave birth to her third child. But she became very ill after labour. Her illness lasted a few weeks, she was in a coma for two weeks. When she awoke, she experienced amnesia, from what I have been told. But my mother doesn't speak English well so I don't know exactly what happened to her. What she described to me was the inability to remember who I was, that I was her daughter. I want to know what happened to her... Any help? Was it amnesia? And if it was what kind? And how is it that she was able to remember my family and I? She is able to create new memories and she says she is able to remember everything before giving birth. So why, then, couldn't she remember me? I'm a little confused...

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author avatar Richard
11th Feb 2013 (#)


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author avatar Connie couch
1st May 2014 (#)

8 yrs.ag I had to have a liver transplant because oy hep c.I do not remembermuch of the month I was in the hospital.Now this week I was rushed to hospital with possible stroke.All I remember is walking into my bedroom to go to bed.My husband saik I started talking crazy,he took me to hospital.I remember nothing until nex day aroud 2 pm.was taken by helicopter to a tramu center.Whats going on why I can not remember any.ting???

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