Different kind of salts and their uses

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Salt is an essential ingredient for any dish that we eat.
In fact, the food that we eat would not be the same without the flavor that it provides to our taste buds and almost every recipe that are found in cookbooks or on cookery shows includes the statement add salt to taste.

Different kind of salts

The life cannot be fabulous without salt. Without salt a good dish becomes insipid. Therefore, Ramras name is given to salt. We are well acquainted with black, rock and white salt. Some more varieties of salt are also used in the world. Some salts are not salty, but slight sweet. Always spread salt on cooked food to experience its real taste.
Persian blue salt
Light sweet and blue in color; this salt is gift from Iran. It is not available in large quantity. So it is not used in routine. Its flavor is unique. It is strong salt, but it became mild immediately after use.

Flower Salt
Native place of this salt is France. In French it is called "Fleur D Sale". Its color is light grey. Indeed, it is sea salt and it extracted by removing outer skin. It required special season to prepare. Therefore, its price is more than normal salt.
Flower salt also has a special fragrance of flower. This salt has more wetness than common slat. So it is not dilute just after spreading on wet food. It gives glazed and crunchy taste to dishes.

Himalayan pink salt or Pakistani salt
Source of this salt is Pakistan. It is also called rock salt. It has pink color. It is used in cooking food. Its taste is bitter.
Cyprus salt
Sweet in taste this salt is available in unique pyramid shaped crystals. Apart from cooking food it is used in bakery products. It is also used to garnish salad.
Hawaiian black lava salt
It is sea salt. It gets this name for its color. Indeed activated charcoal mixed in it to give it black color. Mostly it is used for garnishing salad and dishes.
Red balkeynic or red alloy clay salt
It's color is light red. It is much strong so bit quantity is enough for food. It is used as preservative for foods.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Jun 2015 (#)

Never knew such variety existed. We do with common salt that is easily available everywhere but the usage is coming down due to medical reasons - siva

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author avatar anilg
28th Jun 2015 (#)

It is good for everyone to use salt within limit, if can it some thing salt than we should use salt. You can use Pakistani salt. It is less harmful that white salt, Thanks for comments

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
27th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for very nice post. We came to know about various types of salt available in the world. Hope such type of articles will follow.

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author avatar anilg
28th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks sir

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author avatar brendamarie
27th Jun 2015 (#)

Great article, I had no idea there was so many different types of salt

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author avatar anilg
28th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks madam

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