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Diplopia or as it is more commonly known, double vision. I am writing as a sufferer of Diplopia and therefore can add my own perspective.


I’m writing this as a sufferer of diplopia. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from double vision. Makes life a little hard sometimes, but you adjust. One great thing is that the brain quickly adjusts to change. Or at least I have found so.

I have had numerous operations on my eyes. Not pleasant either I can tell you. Botox injections ( botulinum toxin) in the corners of my eyes, whilst awake. Threads being pulled from the side of my eyes, to adjust the position of my eye, again whilst awake. A pretty weird experience having someone else control your eye movement. Yes I get some quite severe headaches as a result of my vision, but I cope. After all I can’t complain. At least I still have my sight. Lucky compared to some, even if i do see two of everything! Yes I get the question ‘how many fingers can you see?’ everytime I tell someone about it or ‘bet it’s great seeing two of me’. I don’t tell too many people about it though and I don’t personally know any other sufferers..

Anyway, diplopia is basically double vision as I have already mentioned.

There are numerous types of diplopia including:

* Binocular diplopia – misalignment of the two eyes in relation to each other. Sometimes due to being born with a squint in one eye. My squint was corrected when i was younger and I sometimes wonder if this is when the double vision first occurred.

* Monocular diplopia – where more than two images are seen. Possible that out of one eye you can see two images and a further image out of the other eye. I have had a slight spell of this.

* Temporary diplopia – usually caused by too much alcohol intake or a bang to the head.

There are lots of treatments for sufferers including prism lenses and vision therapy. Surgery is also an option. Unfortunately, none of these have worked for me. The option I was left with was to wear either glasses or contact lenses blocking the vision from one of my eyes completely. I decided I would cope as I was.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Sep 2010 (#)

I had not heard of this term before and at first was like.. "whats up with her picture" but it was perfect. I sent some notes with the moderation info. Good work over all.

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author avatar Pablina
27th Sep 2010 (#)

Thanks Mark. I added the extra tags as suggested. ☺

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author avatar Shaun Ryan
28th Dec 2013 (#)

Hi Pablina, I am also a sufferer of Duplopia and like yourself I cope. But I don't seem to cope as well as you seem to. I have a lens that blocks out the sight in my right eye but as you say its far from perfect. So I think I am left with having double vision or partial vision.

I had an eye alignment when I was very young , I'm 52 now and find it very hard sometimes. Strangely I don't get headaches.

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