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Is taking a bath or shower a necessity? For the great majority, it is. But for the following 2 personalities, let's dig a little deeper into the story to know why they prefer no for an answer rather than yes.

Amou Haji

Amou Haji is a man from the village of Dezhgah, province of Fars, in Southern Iran. Eighty-years of age, he’s a hermit and hasn’t taken a bath for the past 60 years, according to Tehran Times. He claims he suffers too much pain while doing a bath. He develops an aversion to water since 1954.
This unique story about him circulated and the press got interested, paid a visit and took pictures of him. This visit enables at close range to see what happens to a person who for 6 decades has totally negated himself the value of a cool and invigorating shower, a treat normal persons found refreshing.

Dead porcupine, his favorite food

True to expectation, Hadji has a “deep odor and his skin is tough and scaly. Hadji is homeless and refuses to eat food or drink clean water. His favorite food is dead porcupine and he regularly smokes a pipe filled with animal feces. Hadji claims that he has chosen this lifestyle to stay in touch with the earth.”
Asking questions in a friendly manner, the press people were able to dig out from him relevant answers to the query why he prefers to live the hermit way of life, they found out that he had gone through some emotional setbacks in his youth and from then on decided to live an isolated life.
Well-meaning young men from his land of birth offered him free shower, but he made good his escape from them, believing cleanliness would bring him illness.
Hermit Amou Haji had ready-made dried animal dung to pack his pipe with and smokes on to console himself. His sleeping place is a simple grave-like hole in the ground.
Having a strong phobia to soap and water, Amou Haji may have missed for 6 decades the therapeutic effect of a cool shower, but being a man, he’s still hopeful of finding a woman he can call his own,

Kailash Singh

A farmer from India, 69 years of age, Kailash Singh doesn’t adhere to the saying cleanliness is next to godliness, because he stopped taking a bath 40 years ago believing a gift to him is forthcoming
He quitted using soap and water in 1974, after his wedding, and hasn’t visited a barber shop to have his hair pruned, according to the news agency Barcroft.
Not for any other reason, Kailash reportedly gave up and sacrificed the necessity of taking a cool shower daily because a priest advised him it would help him realized his dream of having a son. With 7 daughters born since then, he's still waiting for a male heir.

Only a son could change his mind

Daily, Kailash observes the so-called “fire bath”, which is a ritual of smoking Mary Jane, whispering to Shiva in prayer, and a kind of dance around the bonfire.
The family attempted but once to force him into the river but failed
His wife Kalavati Devi, 63, told Barcroft, he ran away after trying all means to fight us off from getting him into the river. He prefers death than take a bath and only the sight of a son could change his mind. Years have passed and he’s already used to it Thinks he’s more healthy than those who takes a bath daily.
Villagers taunt about his unlikely smell but it don’t discourage Kailash.
Barcroft reports that children shout to make fun that he doesn’t wash when they see him ride in his bicycle through the village. Ill-mannered people mock him for not washing. They fail to understand his decision that it’s God’s choice, not his.


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