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This is a touching little story of how one remember her very own secrets in her heart

We live in a 'Speedy' world

In this business society, we are pushed to act fast, speak fast, and work fast. Our bosses want us to clear all the troubles quickly , and people around expect us to solve things fast.

I am not a fast paced person. But the critical point on solving problems we faced , is not speed, but desire.

Not everyone wants to do things great

Facing my problems on work, I used to feel depressed on not fulfilling bosses requirement. I questioned 'why others can get bosses' approval on the same work, but I can't?'. From time to time, I started finding out that the reason is 'I don't even want to do that task, that's why I do it in a not- so appealing way.'

Since I have no desire on the assigned task, I can't do the work beautifully. And don't even think of improvement, as I don't plan to improve at all.

And, not everyone knows what he or she wants

But then, another question raised : 'What do I want to do? What my desire is?'
The strange point is, I can't think of any.

In 2012, I started receiving a lot of New Age information, thanks for the disappeared 2012 doomsday :D. One of the famous theory of New Age concepts, is the Law Of Attraction, which you get what you want. But since I had no desire at all,  I can't attract any good things to my life. I only had what I don't want: I don't want to be blamed, I don't like responsibilities, I don't want boss who use micro-management, blah blah blah, but then, all these bad things are being attracted to my life! Oh No!

But still, I need to ask that question: what do I want?

In the fast paced society, when I tried to think of some of my wishes, I can only think of: money, house, a job I love, maybe many certificates which can bring me some good jobs, etc. But I could only think of them for 1 day, 2 days, and I stopped. Until next time when my boss gave me another unwanted task, I felt depressed and think of these wishes again.

Loop and loop, and I found no way to jump out from this loop.

Until one encounter an essential moment

Until one day, I heard that there is a kabbalah session occasionally, and I registered. I don't quite know what it is. I just know it is kind of mystery info, to me, and so , I registered. In the session, the host brought out a shocking point, that human conscious can be separated to a higher conscious level and a lower conscious level. Most of the people in this world are using the lower one to think and face the world. Lower conscious includes thinkings such as money, house, romance, etc. But, as the host emphasised, do we really love these? Do we really love money? Do we love the coins?

No! We are not! We love money because of what it can bring to us, maybe abundance, safety,but not the coins!

That's the point, if we think using the lower conscious, we can only fall into these kind of traps, and find no answers. Instead we have to think using the higher level conscious, which represents our true will. For example, when we say that we what a house, we actually want a safety. The wants on calm and safety is our true higher thoughts.

Maybe the past can give you some ideas

Now I know the story deeply. So what next? Back to the 'Now' world. I need to handle the problem that I am facing on my job.

Now, I think, the problem I should think of right now, is not ' Am I not suitable to the job?' or 'what type of job should I changed to?'. These are all just concentrated on the lowest conscious thing, a job. But a job is not long lasting. One can change to hundred of jobs in a life. Which single job can be worked for a whole life? None! In my case, I should concentrate on my true will, appreciation. Appreciation is not related to a single type of jobs. Any jobs can get appreciation. So, changing type of jobs and industry is not my consideration.

Trying to see from another view. How can one be admired? Maybe he can do something perfect. If I want to do something perfect, then I better study more. Maybe take a course, read more books, etc. That's means my next step is to study!

With this thought, I should better get started soon. I am not sure if this act is correct or not. New ideas may come up few days later. But meanwhile, doing what I can do, is what I can think of.

I hope this little piece of my experience, can give you an idea on checking your past experience, and see if there are any clues on help solving your issues, and improve your current life!


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When serious things happen, you may not feel right on discussing with people you know.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
4th May 2014 (#)

The world is too fast paced, which generates stress, we need to slow down and enjoy our lives at our own pace.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
4th May 2014 (#)

most interesting this...and yes there is higher and lower levels of consciousness and more above too...thank you ..

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author avatar Future's Seeds
4th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for the comments friends, O am not quite sure if 'appreciation' is lower conscious or higher, but finding the original wants can at least make things clear and can make decisions much more easier!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for a meaningful share, Elsy. In a material world one tends to go after wealth as an end by itself. I have seen it all and I can vouch that the poor are happier than the rich. In a way, the poor dream of becoming rich while for the rich they have nightmares of becoming poor!

My career is for a happy well rounded life and I have never lost track of the basics. Every cent will be left behind and too much will make our own impatient to get at them - siva

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