Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Understanding your Disease (Dissociative identity disorder)

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis which describes a state where a person shows multiple identity or personality each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. DID was previously known as multiple personality disorder. In the year 1994, the American Psychiatric Association named it Dissociative Disorder.

In Dissociative Disorder a person has more than one personality. A person suffering from DID has got no control over his multiple personalities. These personalities have the ability to control the person and make them do things that they don’t remember or that they wouldn’t do it normal circumstances. A person suffering from DID would not recognize which personality has taken control over him. It is believed that DID is often caused by childhood sex abuse. This child abuse is almost un tolerable so much so that the person forgets these events and develops another personality to remember the abuse.
DID can also be a result of early mental stress which is again due to some sort of child abuse. This stress reveals the personality within the person and so the stress does not have to be dealt with. When some has DID they get confound. They do not realise what they have done and or with whom. It is believed that there are early symptoms of DID but they are often mistaken for other mental disorders like schizophrenia, manic-depression and post- traumatic stress syndrome. DID patients would talk to themselves and when asked about don’t remember doing so. A child suffering from DID would have imaginary friends or environments within his mind. Children’s suffering from DID would sometimes fail to remember their own friends which shows that they have taken anyone else’s identity at that time. There is also a lack of diagnosis among children’s; there were only 9 reported cases in the year 1990.

The most horrible part of DID is that during adolescence, a person suffering from DID can often exhibit signs bi-polar disorder, insomnia drugs abuse, suicide threats and attacks and even violent panic attacks. When a teenager exhibits such signs, DID is not the first diagnosis to be explored, rather, it is blamed on hormones and drug abuse. These things can only magnify DID not calm it.

Causes and Remedies of DID
According to a survey majority of Dissociative Identity Disorder patients are women. As we know the main reason behind DID is the trauma or abuse a patient undergoes during his childhood. A child who has gone through severe trauma, such as a major accident, or has had the experience of being mentally, physically or sexually abused may develop this ailment. This happens because the impressionable psyche of the child finds it too unbearable to withstand the mental stress caused by such disturbing experiences. As defense mechanism, the ego dissociates itself from the traumatic experience and assumes several other forms that manifest themselves as the different alters. Thus, the best way to treat DID is through sessions of hypnosis that help the alter egos interact with one another and thereby gradually reconcile with the individual’s primary personality.


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