Do You Want to Die with Happiness or Regret?

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The facts of life aren't always pretty.

We all only have a limited time on this Earth. A time to make a mark - or have one made on us, for better or worse. You can either choose a destiny through choice or idleness, which is also a choice, but a far less happy one.

Live today as if it meant everything. The tools I share with you in this lens will help you to start to do that - if you dare have the courage to follow them to the end.

A New Paradigm: How Can You Make Your Life Brilliant?

As human beings, too often we focus on just getting by, instead of getting to somewhere great. Stuck in our jobs, our studies or a series of habitual commitments, we strive so hard to live, only to eventually realise we've lived our lives by, and typically not in a good way. Usually it's a bad one. Moments, days, weeks, months and then years pass, dreams are compromised and we consequently wallow in misery, albeit a very suppressed and in denial kind.

My favourite quote of all times goes like this, "Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out."

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You've spent five years at a well-paying job before discovering, shockingly, you hate it. You feel a depth of disappointment at having squandered time you could have spent on things more fulfilling to you - writing your own bestselling book, travelling the world at your own leisure, becoming a world-class athlete. Memories flood through you, not just what happened, but also false memories of what could have been.

Frame the scene vividly in your mind's eye. Picture the disappointment in clear images - head in your hands, eyes downcast, gaze solemn and morose. Hear the sounds - the lonely hum of your office computer, chatter from colleagues far off into the distance, the beating of your downbeat heart. Feel the sensations - the coldness of your desk, the staleness of the air-conditioned air. Now package them together to feel the sensations of the let-down of not having lived your life to the best of your ability.

As you immerse yourself in this pretend but oh-so-realistic world, you begin to appreciate just how easy it is for us to trick ourselves into a state of complacency. While we may feel we are not giving life our all, we rarely allow ourselves to feel this consistently. The truth is too hard to bear. Yet one of the first steps in making your life brilliant is to embrace that disappointment to become more aware of it, before quickly seizing an empowering new narrative, one of hope and drive, to take its place.


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