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If you want to start buying organic but aren't sure they are for you? Organic isn't entirely wrong. I give some facts and figures, but you should buy them if you swear by it, and can afford it. Never buy food even if it is good for you if you can't afford it.

Why buy organic?

People buy organic food because it makes them feel good. People are under the belief they think they are not eating foods without any pesticides that are poisonous, and it's healthier for us so who would not buy if they are buying produce. Bloomberg News says the sales of organic food tripled while going up to $80 billion a year during the last decade. Others kinds of regular food that was not grown organically only went up 2 percent.

Organic is as good as we are led to believe

IT is also given to us as news that they have evidence that is when there is an organic farm that produces the food it isn't as great as we are led to believe. There are some organic farms that are okay, but we don't know when we buy the produce. Some organic farms make the same amount of pollution, and some organic farms make more pollution than one that isn't organic. There is a possibility some of the organic foods may have more toxins than those that are grown with pesticides, Of course, organic farms use manure this is when the problem comes.

Greenhouses and nitrogen

There was an Israel study of greenhouses and when these greenhouses used manure it leads to more nitrogen in it as compared with regular clinical fertilization. The nitrogen in drinking water in a well is the number one reason that well would be closed down and people couldn't drink from it anymore. Nitrogen is so bad that when it is in the water of starting with ponds on the farm to the northern area of the Gulf of Mexico it causes algae blooms, dead zones, and fish kills.

Organic food may not be the best for us

There were two studies that didn't tell us organic food is the best for us. One was an analysis of more than 100 farms studied in Europe. The study said that higher ammonia emissions, and higher emissions of nitrous oxide were found in organic farms. A California study said that said organic farms produced greenhouse gas emissions. Regular old fashioned farming has more efficiency to it and doesn't need as much to grow the food as compared to organic farms.


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author avatar Retired
3rd Jul 2015 (#)

I think it boils down to the fact that the definition of "organic" is a bit vague!

We regularly buy organic vegetables from a reputable UK firm (Riverford) which at times has food transported to the UK from its partner farms in Europe, thus adding to their carbon footprint, but this is certainly no worse than supermarkets that import food from far greater distances.

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
4th Jul 2015 (#)

John, Keep buying those vegetables and fruit. I never meant to say I am either for or against it. I have no real opinion. The fruit and vegetables we buy aren't the best of quality but our store has been getting very bad lately. I eat them because I am a vegetarian but I wish I had your source of it.

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author avatar brendamarie
3rd Jul 2015 (#)

I agree, with John

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author avatar Carol Roach
4th Jul 2015 (#)

i have read too that organic may not be as good as we are lead to believe. I can't afford it anyhow.

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
4th Jul 2015 (#)

Carol, neither can I! There is this one store who only sells organic natural things and it is so expensive!

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