Do you want to be successful in life? If you dream it you can do it!

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Do you sometimes feel you don't work enough? Do you have moments of laziness? Has ever the feeling of guilt surrounded you?

Organizing the time systematically; discipline

Everyone is leading different lives from one another. People have different lifestyles, houses,jobs and generally speaking everyone is different from one another. It is impossible to put people in categories or tell them that one specific fact will work for all of them. So lets ask ourselves; what is success really? A promotion in job, being a perfect wife/husband, being a handsome man or being a beauiful woman and so on. Success in life itself is a different term for many people. But lets meet here in one point; when the day is over we all want to leave something behind that later we will be proud of or at least something useful that will have a positive affect on our life, don't we? . I have always been reading success books and applying them to my own life. Most tips really work and i would like to share them with you:

Being successful is not at all easy.

No matter who you are, no matter where you are from or what your age is; Every single creature on this earth has an aim. Even a new born baby holds tighly to life and learns to crawl, walk, talk and so on. But have you realized how many times a baby falls and gets hurt before he/she can actually start walking? And have you ever noticed that they never ever give up? I personally believe that this is one of the biggest example that we must take the risk when we attempt to do things in life; we simply must never give up. Everyone wants to succeed on doing their aim, but how to build the road to success? It is simple yet a tough journey. ..

Define your target, start working and do what it takes to get there

One of the most important fact about success is first defining our target. What are we planning to succeed at?
After defining your aim starts the work. Working hard is the key word, getting there won't be easy. Organize yourself and don't waste your time;always remember that time is more precious than anything else mainly because you can't get it back,the more you waste it the more you lose.
Take advice; ask all the people around you, especially the ones who had the experience, whether it's an exam that you are going to attend or a job you will apply for, taking advice will always be an advantage and it won't be harmful for anybody if you don't take it.
Think about it; are you working for something you are really ambitious for? Do you really want it? Before picking psychology at college i asked myself many times, questioning if i really want it. Now i love my subject and studying is not a burden.
Don't give up; obstacles are all around us. There will be moments when pressure will keep bumping on your head causing you to think if you should give up. But never ever do. If you have planned carefully and did take advices before starting and you are sure of yourself why give up? Look a them as 'obstacles' and not main glitches that will cause you to take a u-turn.
Once you get there; if you are successful then don't stop. Put another plan and aim in your life and start your way there. Hundreds of opportunities are out there waiting for you; just knock their doors and let them open it for you.

What does life mean if we don't work hard?

It takes a lot to move on, and we must work for it. Yeah life is not fair but hey, why accept of sitting down doing nothing and thinking of the unfairness don't we get up and start working? Maybe some get to success by working lesser but your way is there too so work hard and don't mind the people around you. Accept of that focus on what you are doing and how you are performing it. Some have lesser than one another but if he/she is working hard is the person who deserves respect. Let's all work hard and get to success that waits us somewhere and find it. Have a beautiful life..


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author avatar Katrina
1st Jun 2011 (#)

Wonderful article. Its true that you can achieve anything.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th Jan 2015 (#)

My concept of success is being useful to family and society. Having time for others in need gives us fulfillment. We need hard work and passion for whatever we pursue - siva

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