Do you want to get rid of your stress naturally? Here is how

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Under a lot of stress from work, then these tips will help you. These will also contribute to the help of any stressful situation.

Reasons for stress

You might have a stressful job, one where lives are in your hands like a surgeon. Or you could be going through a nasty divorce with your husband, and you have a bad custody battle over the children, and both spouses want all the children.
There are some ways that a person can get rid of stress the natural way,

You need to organize if not already organized

A suggestion is that if you have been so busy being stressed out and not putting everything in its place. While not putting everything where it belongs your disorganization might have gotten out of hand. The idea is to not stress yourself and clean one or two areas of your living quarters and organize them. Maybe arrange one day by cleaning out the refrigerator. The idea is to throw out all the extra food that has gone bad and spoiled, If you can handle it, try cleaning out a shelf or two of your pantry. Then as you can organize anything that needs to be organized. If you can only do a half a place a day because if you did more you would get stressed, Do it as you can. You will feel less stressed as your house gets more organized you will get less stress.

Two types of lists

There are two type of lists you can do to make yourself feel less stressed. If you are a mom, that drives her kids and doing other errands every day, like taking library books back, picking up the dry cleaning and anything else you must do on a regular basis. The following is if this is stressing you and you get confused sometimes where you have to go, The way is to start either the night before. Or the next day, get up ten minutes earlier and write out a list of what you have to do for the day. It helps to see all your duties crossed off as you do them so you will feel better, and things will get done.. They won't remain for you to do. You'll get all those chores done.
Another idea is just to make a list of goals that you have to do or want to do that day. Even if it write a chapter of that book, you are writing. Finish that best seller you are reading. When the item is done, mark it on your list, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment. The last tip comes from me which I try to do each day. I don;t have to drive anywhere but have other sources a stress, so I make a list, it does help!

Food and depression and foods to eat for stress

Don't think when you feel stressed that you will grab a piece of cake or a few cookies, Did you know that you can get depressed overeating junk food. It might make you feel bad for a few moments but don't forget, every time you are stressed out, and you eat a cookie or snack cake you can gain weight that will cause you stress.
If you want to watch your diet and give yourself a better disposition and have a lot more energy, then eat protein and whole grains.
Ideally, what you should eat should be salmon blueberries and almonds.
And stay away from the coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks as they will make you more nervous or hyper than you are already.


There is a flower that in the olden days was said to help nerves. Now there are a couple studies that say that they can work as well on some people as a medicine class called benzodiazepine,. The class of medications of benzodiazepine help keeps people calm, like tranquilizers or sedatives.
It is said it can help insomnia that you might experience under stress. A good nights sleep each night might make your go away. BUT Ask your doctor before you take this if it is alright for your situation to take it. NEVER give it to a child or a pregnant woman or nursing (breastfeeding) mother.
Passionflower comes in many forms so you can choose your way; You can take it in tincture or tea. The choice is yours.

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that is interesting I will try passionflower

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