Do your fitness workouts at home and get positive results.

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We can make fitness workouts at home effective while time and cost efficient.

Benefits of fitness workouts at home

Fitness and health centers are sprouting everywhere with various forms of campaigns to attract as many people for membership. For one thing you will be under supervision of qualified fitness intructors and you will get access to complete and modern equipment and facilities.

I am not a certified fitness guru. I am just one of those people who have had their share of weight and health problems. I have been to these fitness centers and I certainly enjoyed the cardio sessions. But I still prefer to do my workouts in the privacy of my own home and these are the reasons why:

1. You can fit your fitness workout to your everyday timetable.
2. You will feel more comfortable and at ease with your workouts knowing there are no unwanted stares and onlookers around.
3. No expensive fitness membership.
4. No risk of harmful bacteria that may lurk in fitness equipments and facilities of fitness centers. The constant flow of sweaty people in and out the facilities can help spread bacteria and hidden viruses.
5. You don't have to put so much time perking up your face and looking your best.
6. You will also save on expensive workout clothes since you don't have to impress others or compete with anyone fashionwise.
7. You will be able to focus on your workouts as there will be no other people to chitchat or hang around with.
8. You won't be tempted to waste your hard-earned money on fancy health/fitness products like energy bars, protein powders/shakes, diet supplements, etc.

Disadvantages of working out at home

1. Fitness rut and boredom may set in.
2. Focus and attention may be distracted by members of the family, telephones, etc.
3. Temptation to get to the fridge and binge is higher.

Strong will power and discipline will help you overcome these disadvantages and make your home workouts effective.

Fitness equipment that you need to invest on

1. A good workout DVD - you don't have to buy all the latest fitness videos being promoted in prints, on tv or the internet. Choose a fitness workout that deals on cardio, sculpting/toning and stretching. So you may need one on cardio, one on sculpting/toning (weights) and another on stretching (yoga). Or you can find all of these three in one dvd set. Personally I like the zumba dvd set because it exerts your whole body without those jerky movements on your joints and knees. And the fast familiar dance music prevents you from getting bored.

2. Fitness accessories: a good pair of fitness shoes or sneakers,exercise(yoga) mat, heart rate monitor; step, and weights. For the weights, you may buy a dumbbell set (an adjustable dumbbel or a set with different weights) or fitness bands that you can use for your lower and upper body exercise. Usually a workout dvd set comes with the necessary accessories so it's better to use these first.

Get set and go.

1. Be sure to schedule the workout properly so that you won't be interrupted by callers, family members or appointments.
2. Don't do the workouts on an empty stomach. Take some light but filling snacks to give you enough energy to do the whole session. Here's a recipe that you can try - this is easy to make and can help speed up metabolism and detox your body. You don't need to buy those expensive smoothies advertised and promoted around. Make your own smoothie out of fresh fruits and milk.
3.The room should be big enough for you to move freely and conveniently. The temperature should not be too cold (so no air conditioner) nor too hot that you would only get suffocated. It should be free of draught; open the windows enough to let fresh air in.
3. Wear comfortable clothes - no tight leggings or scanty get ups. Remember you need to perspire from the workouts. You can wear your comfy sweat pants and shirt (long sleeved) that you usually wear at home. Wearing sweat pants and long sleeved sweatshirt can help you warm your body and perspire faster.
4. Get a pitcher of ice cold water, add ice cubes in it and drink this during your workout. The ice cold water will help spike up your calorie burning workouts.
5. Do the cardio with gusto - really sway your hips, really twist your core, jump as high as you can. Don't be lazy. You will not perspire if you move about like a zombie. Remember the key word is perspiration. You have done it right when you're drenching sweats after the session.
6. Follow the instructions and precautions of the workouts. Be sure you don't go overboard with your workouts. Warming up and cooling down should be part of your workouts. Confer with your doctor first if you have any medical issues.
7.Do the weights slowly, with concentration and with proper breathing. Breathe out when you light the weight up, breath in when down. Gradually increase intensity of your weights. If you notice you don't feel any resistance and don't perspire at all by doing the weights, increase the intensity or get a heavier weight.
8. Vary and mix your workouts. Best to follow the advices on the workout dvd.
9. After your workout, rest for 5-10 minutes by lying upside down on a slant or declined bench. This will put your muscles and body cells back to rest after being pulled down by gravity during your workout sessions. Or you can do the yoga instead.
10. Take a refreshing shower to get rid of the sweats.
11. Don't go on a bingeing spree after your workouts. Resist the temptation to raid your refrigerator. Go for simple natural foods. Here's a recipe for a healthy complete dinner
12. Aim for a healthy toned body, not a stick-thin model look.


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