Does Raw Spinach do any Good for Us?

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Many in number are the benefits of raw spinach. As we all know, green leafy vegetables provide more nutrients than any other. In addition to these, there are facts which layout how useful raw spinach can mean to our human body.

Warning Signs of Raw Spinach

• Spinach is helpful in many ways. On the other side, many people are allergic to spinach.

• Raw spinach consumption can lead to problems since it is known to be highest pesticide containing food. So, consume organic spinach as much as you can.

• Those who suffer from gallbladder and kidney problems must not consume too much of spinach

• Another warning sign is for those who have thyroid problem. Spinach interferes with the thyroid gland functioning.

Benefits of Raw Spinach

Raw spinach has many benefits such as

• Protection against eye diseases such as cataract and macular degeneration

• Raw spinach is rich in source of Iron mineral. Since iron has hemoglobin as its component, oxygen-carrier, we can have raw spinach.

• Spinach consumption reduces gastro-intestinal health problems. It has vitamin C and beta-carotene which highly help in protecting body from free radicals.

• Many other diseases can also be taken care of by consuming more spinach. Some of them are arthritis, headache, osteoporosis, migraine and asthma. It has got the capability to function as anti-inflammatory substance.

• Eat your greens and keep your brain fresh and young. Brain will be agile since spinach will slow the age-related decline in the brain function.

• Spinach functions to lower the high blood pressure levels also apart from taking care of cardiovascular diseases. Magnesium in spinach helps to do the former and folate helps to do the later.

• Spinach has many anti-oxidants, the flavonoids. The antioxidants help the body from free radicals. These flavonoids also act as anti-cancer substances.

• Spinach can be the best dish when consumed in salad. Iceberg lettuce or Green smoothie is no comparison to raw spinach. You can also have raw spinach added to soups ad other dishes.

• Easy to grow and easily affordable, you can find it readily available in the market apart from its benefits as a nutrient and the above.

• Finally, raw spinach consumption is beneficial due to rich source of iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and vitamins such as C, E, B2 and B6.

So, “what are you waiting for”? Try having spinach every other day. I forgot to tell you all something funny and versatile too. Our Popeye also consumed cans of spinach for his muscle strength. Well, we do not know if he was doing it for health. But, we need to in order to keep ourselves healthy.


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author avatar Jerry Walch
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Nice to know that one of my favorite vegetables is so good for me :-))

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2010 (#)

yes it is a good vegetable. thanks for share.

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author avatar Euphonos
17th Sep 2010 (#)

Even I never knew It could do so much for me...I need to start eating somehow.. That's why preparing salad :)

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