Does The Human Body Need More Oxygen?

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Oxygen is an essential part of our environment. Without breathable oxygen, no man could be able able to survive. It plays an essential role in having a healthy blood circulation.

Does The Human Body Need More Oxygen?

There is not that much oxygen in our surroundings today as there was hundreds of years before. At once, the oxygen amount was at 38%, it is now at 21%, and then in some metropolitan areas, even as very low as 18%. Thus with our present environment, we now have just about fifty percent of the oxygen our body systems were specified to operate on to become in good condition.

Without having sufficient breathable oxygen, the body fluids and blood becomes too dirty and harmful. Infections, fungus infection, parasitic organisms, and malicious germs flourish within the natural environment that is short of breathable oxygen, considered of high carbon dioxide, and rich in acid or a low pH matter.

A lack of Oxygen can cause:
* Blood flow difficulties
* Memory loss
* Illogical behavior
* Becoming easily irritated
* Poor Food digestion
* Muscle aches & pains
* Lung concerns
* Lightheadedness
* Depressive disorders
* Body weakness
* And the list goes on

Our body must have Enough Oxygen for:
* Energy
* Digestion
* Eliminating harmful toxins
* Fueling the muscles
* Metabolizing excess fat & carbs
* Keeping a nutritious defense mechanisms
* Cleaning out viruses, parasites, and germs
* Continuing to keep one's heart pumping & safe
* Helping the lung area to respire
* And the list goes on

According to Dr. Otto Warburg, winner of the Nobel Reward for cancer research. “Cancer just has a single prime explanation. It is the replacement of standard oxygen respiration of the body’s cellular material by an anaerobic cell respiration.” Or else, there's not enough oxygen at the cellular phase.

In addition, a limited way to obtain oxygen to the tissues can be a main factor for our undesirable illnesses, including heart disease.

So what can you do to increase the oxygen level for your cells and supply your entire body with all the oxygen it needs for max wellness? Allow me to share 6 guidelines:

1. Have more physical exercise
2. Consume dark-colored berries
3. Try to eat a lot of green, leafy veggies
4. Prevent Tran’s fats
5. Consider oxygen-enhancing goods, like Cell food & other oxygen items.
6. Take food-based herbal antioxidants, just like in wild blueberries.

Of course, in case you are within a specialist's proper care and taking prescription medications, you'd be wise to check with her or him before you make any considerable alterations in diet regime or workout.


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