Does Your Mate Have a Anger Problem

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This article will help women to determine if their boyfriend is abusive

Signs Your Boyfriend is Abusive

Many people believe that you always have a warning sign but what happens and according to women can use simple clues to determine if their boyfriend anc potential spouse has a anger problem.

His job
This might not be the first thing that someone think of but it may just save you face from s fist s few years down the road. If his job involves violence then he just maybe violent toward you. It has been proven that 40% of law enforcement officers bring the violence thry must use at work to survive home to their families. However, thid cannot be applied to all police officers.

She Made me Do It
When your boyfriend talks about how crazy his ex-girlfriend is or what she did to make him hit her, he may do the same to you. Do you want to be the new crazy ex-girlfriend.

He Hits th Bottle
Some that drinks a lot maybe covering up a anger management problem. If he puches holes in the walls then you might want to seriously condidering staying in the friend zone.

He is calls the Waitress Name
If the waitress got the order wrong and your date call a derogatory name you might want to pay attention, you might be stupid a year down the road. This may not be a sign of violent behavior but watch out.

He Make Excuses for Other Abuser
If he support other abusive men then it is time to ask for the check and run, fast. If he say he give the poor man a break make that date your last.

He Admits he has a Anger Problem
This is something that you would appreciate, being told that his temper could get out of hand. Before you jump to conclusions ask for some examples and pray they do not involve him being placed in handcuffs for his anger.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
26th Sep 2014 (#)

To get angry easily is a weakness that needs to be overcome to find peace in life - siva

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author avatar Ken5-89
26th Sep 2014 (#)

It is, some people are easily angered, it is a problem that we must control,l

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