Does the Universe Love you ?

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Do you feel that the universe loves you ? Or do you feel that its fear that the Universe gives you ?

Does the Universe Love you ?

The higher power or the Source, Mother Nature, God or whatever you will want to believe, exists manifests, guides and directs in multiple ways. This multiplicity arises because of the way we have defined the higher power. It’s essentially higher because it explains what we human beings with our intelligence cant. It acts and reacts in ways that our senses cannot fully comprehend but can only receive . We have given “It” the responsibility to link the whole cosmos into one and make us an integral part of the same!
Out of the many forms of existence, the most common ones, the ones that we keep falling back upon are the all loving form of God and the all fearing or frightening form of God. If you observe closely, you will yourself notice that the flavor of God’s existence around you would be in the 2 forms mentioned. Conditioning or what you may call it only allows you to think in to these 2 roles being played by the higher intelligence.
Why this dichotomy of existence, needs to be explored further. Why would the same intelligence manifest itself in opposite ways? Is it to confuse us? Is it to really frighten us? Is it that we are immensely loved? …Always?
A broad classification is that when our actions and thoughts are pure, we feel good inside and feel that we are light as a feather; it is then that we find that our communion with the rest of the world is full of love and honesty. When our thoughts are beyond selfishness and fear, above the mediocrities of insecurity and power grabbing, it is then that the heart centre comes into play and it allows us to act out of free will.
When we keep repeating the same mistakes, when drudgery sloth, jealousy keep fermenting upon our mind, it is then that our interaction with the world is full of fear. It is then that we see that the cosmos is coming hard at us and is not allowing us to attain calmness and peace. Needless to say that since the insides are full of fear, the God that we see outside of us is also the one who is frightening. The free will gets jammed in the fear and the degrees of freedom and creativity in an individual shrink to naught!


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Aug 2013 (#)

We reap what we sow. It is karma in action. Coward dies many a death but the brave just once! siva

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