Does your digestive tract have a problem? Take this test to find out...

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Our digestive tract is perhaps one thing that we ignore most of the time since we don't really know what is normal and what is not. It is no wonder then, that the most dangerous of diseases arise from the digestive tract. So for those who want to know if their GIT is working alright, here's a simple way to do so...

The digestive tract test...

I've met a lot of people who think there's something wrong with their intestines and end up spending a crazy lot of money on diagnosis when there really isn't anything wrong. On the other end of the spectrum, are people who happily go about their life thinking that their bowel habits are normal when they actually aren't. If you want to know whether you're doing fine, here's a simple way to find out... Just answer these questions and you'll know exactly where you stand.

1. Do you empty your bowels more than thrice each day?

2. Has there been a time when you didn't visit the loo for more than three days?

3. Do you suffer from loss of appetite?

4. Is your stomach distended?

5. Do you have frequent regurgitation of food into your mouth?

6. Do you experience heartburn often?

7. Do you experience discomfort in the stomach after food?

8. Is belching becoming a problem?

9. Are your hiccups getting persistent?

10. Does your abdomen bloat up after food?

11. Do you experience any kind of pain in the abdomen?

12. Is your abdominal wall more rigid than it previously was?

13. Do you have to strain while passing stools?

14. Has the color of your stools changed remarkably?

15. Do you have a problem swallowing your food?

16. Did you ever notice blood in your stools?

17. Did you ever vomit blood?

18. Have you ever felt your stools are way too bulky and foul smelling?

19. Are your stools too hard and do they come out as small chunks?

20. Have you suddenly lost a lot of weight?

If your answer is 'yes' for any of these questions, its high time you checked with your doctor. A small problem can lead to a bigger one and you definitely wouldn't want that happening!
And for those of you who don't have any of these problems... Well this definitely isn't a complete list. Do keep a track on your bowel habits and eat healthy! For eating healthy is living healthy!


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