Doing More Than "Thinking On A Shoestring"

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Thinking last minute is sometimes the unhealthiest thing in existence. Especially when laziness during "good" times is involved. This series of sections are ways to deal better with life in good times or in emergencies without getting too complacent or fearful.


Life is as good as the attention we pay to making it good. With that said, I begin this article: Think about the facts and realities of existence: With everything that happens in life, we all ultimately have the same luck, and it is neither good or bad, it just is. If it is good, we are blessed. If something bad happens, for the unknowledgeable it is a curse, for the knowledgeable, it is something to work on and make a blessing. But, still we all have the same luck at the end of it all.

Now, I am not saying that life is random circumstance and little else. I am saying though that life is what we genuinely perceive it to be, and it is up to us what we do with it, really. Sure, there are many things that we do not have control over seemingly, but we do have ultimate control over our perceptions and actions toward what we perceive.

Life at its best

Being at cause, and having full understanding of what is going on is essentially life at its best. Even Freud, Viktor Frankl and all the great psychologists can agree on this. After all, being at ultimate effect makes you like a cornered animal even if you "want to be that way". After all, if you saw the "Fifty Shades of Gray" movie or read the E.L. James books, you know exactly where I am coming from with that one. If you did not, I will explain further what it means to be at cause instead of going too much with the effects: Even the worst off in society wants to be winners. It is a natural human feeling, not so much a human "right". I mean, everyone wants to succeed at causing their success ultimately. Good or evil, everyone wants to win, even at losing if that is their purpose. Winning what you really want is life at its best.

What does "win psychology" have to do with being prepared for anything?

It is quite simple, when you lose, you are not prepared to win. Since an article is needed, I will explain what I mean: Success is the natural state. I mean everybody from heroes to murderers wants to succeed at what they are doing. Heroes want to win, and murderers and criminals want to "get away with it". I mean think about it, everybody genuinely wants to succeed. Nobody, even "the guy with the born to lose tattoo" wants to lose. After all, he has a "born to lose tattoo", but does that man really want to lose or not succeed. Being born to lose implies that the person is a natural loser, not a voluntary loser anyhow, doesn't it?

So, we have established that succeeding and success is the natural way of doing things and loss and failure is not really wanted by even the worst of us.

How to be ready for anything

See the cloud in the silver lining, or be prepared to see the best in even the worst situation life can bring, because although we want success, it does not always happen exactly the way that we want it to happen. Think of life as "a problem is there, that is good, because I can innovate a solution" because when a solution is made, it can genuinely change a life scheme or life path for good.

The way to be ready for anything also is to see solutions within all problems, even earthquakes, floods, fires or tragedies. I did not say anything sick like "do not feel sadness if there are deaths. No, nothing like that. But, I did say "seeing solutions and alternatives is the first thing to do."


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