Doing the Right Thing - Thought for June Seventh

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For some doing the right thing is hard. Fortunately for the majority of us it comes naturally. Every once in a while we need a shove in the right direction, that is all.

Choices in Life

Every day we make choices and truth be told the majority of people make good choices most of the time. Yet on some occasions that little imp gets us going in the wrong direction. Usually though, we figure out our mistakes and adjust accordingly.

Every once in a while that little imp keeps playing us egging us towards the wrong choice. This is where we do have to be careful. That boyish prank may be okay for a teenager but it may turn heads when carried out by someone in their 20's or 30's, let alone someone in their 50's. Trouble is those childish pranks can sometimes make us feel young again.

Choices are thrust upon us almost every minute of the day. Most are mundane decisions and made easily. Other choices require more thought, more attention, more rationale; yet we treat them in the same fashion as the mundane decision, when perhaps we should not.

Right and Wrong

For the majority of us we have an innate sense of right and wrong. This is driven by our youngest of childhood days and our mothers help us by setting our initial feelings in life. Most of our morals come from those early childhood days. Right and wrong are a part of that moral code.

Yet, irrespective of where people come from, we all seem to live by a similar moral code; even where there are different nationalities or faiths involved. Look across the world today and for the vast majority we face the same struggles in life; the struggle for survival, particularly when times are hard. This drives our moral compass.

The Right Thing

Doing right is not about being saintly. Indeed it may be too late for many of us to tread that path. It is about considering the greater needs over and above your own. It is about respecting others and their choices, even if we disagree. it is about a lot of simple things in life, that just make the whole of society better.

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