Domino's Pizza diet deleting memory?

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An American study has revealed a strong link between fast foot consumption and memory loss.

But might this alter UK Domino's Pizza "dictator" Surinder Kandola's corporate ambitions or policies, or is he likely to forget about this in a day or two?

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In what could be a major boost for healthy eating advocates, an American study published on November 18 reveals a strong link between fast foot consumption and memory loss.

As reported by the Express newspaper, the study led by Dr Beatrice Golomb, of the University of California, San Diego has revealed that "a diet packed with high-fat cakes, pastries, chips and fast foods", the standard offerings of Domino's Pizza, McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and other fast-food traders, "has a massive impact on the mind."

"Otherwise healthy young and middle-aged men were worst affected", the study found".

The Express report also notes that while dangerous trans fats are known to raise the risk of diabetes, ­cancer, heart disease and dementia, the Golomb led American study "is the first to produce clear results on memory impairment."

The study should give impetus to the efforts of Norfolk, England MP Simon Wright, who has assisted this writer in drawing attention to dodgy, seemingly anti-competitive and potentially health harming deals that Domino's Pizza has secured with the student representatives of the University of East Anglia and other UK universities.

It should also be of more than passing interest to Jeremy Hunt MP, the Secretary of State for the Department of Health here in the UK.

In 2013 Hunt was asked by Wright, the MP for Norwich South, to look into Domino's seemingly monopolistic business activities and assess their impact both on the health of students and the general public.

More than anyone else though, the news of this study should be something of a wake-up call to University of East Anglia student leader Jim Dickinson and the leaders of student unions who have entered such apparently anticompetitive, unhealthy and otherwise dodgy deals with Domino's Pizza.

Dickinson would do we to note that it is males like himself who are most at risk of junk-food-induced memory loss - a problem that could clearly have serious consequences for himself and other students, whose interests, not Domino's, he is expected to champion.

As for Surinder Kandola, the largest Domino's Pizza franchise holder in the UK, we can only hope that the study prompts him to rethink his commercial priorities.

But Kandola, an excessively profit-driven pizza peddler whose DPGS Ltd has been the object of a capitalism reforming project that I launched in 2012 (and prior to that had been criticized in BBC and other reports, for its questionable treatment of Eastern European workers) seems to make arguably illogical use of the lessons of history.

Indeed, it might be argued that his entrepreneurial experience has had a rather perverse effect on his ethics, producing something like the shallow "real politik" reasoning one might attribute to the political cynic Mitt Romney.

Readers, and American readers especially, will recall the would-be-president Romney's Talibank thinking political suicide, whereby he ill-temperedly conceded 47% of the American electorate to Barack Obama, virtually labelling them unworthy of his and other wealthy Republicans' time or engagement.

Intriguingly, in their respective appeals to empirical observation and life experience, Romney's and Kandola's corporate and political cynicism are similar to the deliberate misrepresentation of empirical research that Golomb accuses "big pharma" biased researchers of.

We can be reasonably sure that such junk-knowledge and news juggling researchers - the lobbyists for and willing servants of global capitalist interests - are already framing their response to the memory-junking findings of Dr Golomb's study.

The question is, despite their opposition, might Golomb's study lead the Bain-Capital-Romney affiliated, UK-politicians-sponsoring Kandola or the university student leaders at the UEA and other learning institutions with which Domino's has monopolistic or otherwise questionable deals to reconsider their priorities, or will it be treated like a hung-over fresher's lost memory: a lost cause?



I have sent the following email to he UEA student union representative (CEO), Dickson, copying it to the Health Secretary Mr Hunt and Mr Wright, my local MP.

Dear Mr Dickinson

My name is Junior Campbell and I'm a free-lance journalist, publishing with LinkedIn, and on my own websites, and currently.

I am requesting a meeting to discuss the UEA's current relationship with Domino's Pizza and other matters affecting the student body you serve and the community of which you are an important, influential subsector.

Among other things, I would like to know if you have read the following article, published today, and if it might affect your Union's relationship with Domino's Pizza: Too much junk food can DESTROY your memory: Trans-fats have devastating impact on the mind.

Please get in touch at your soonest convenience.

I can be reached on 07920 884 222, to arrange a meeting time convenient to you.

Kind regards



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