Don’t Get Conscious About Losing Hair

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Most men, and especially the younger brigade assume that loss of hair is equivalent to a “life finished” situation. However, with the many options available like toupees, lace wigs etc for men; badness is hardly an issue. One must learn to embrace the situation and try and get the best out of it.

Hair Loss is Not a Life Finished Situation

Baldness is not an option and not a choice; it is a lifestyle change. Some of the most charming celebrities of all times have gone bald either because of receding hairlines or because of the style factor. And these eminent men are from all fields of life – be it Sean Connery, Vin Diesel, Dwayne the Rock from Hollywood, or Andre Agassi, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan from sports or Heston Blumenthal, George Calamboris, Tom Colicchio from the culinary world etc. However, not every man is comfortable with the concept of baldness and for such people, a toupee is the perfect answer. A toupee is basically a kind of tape that is made from different kinds of material to help match the natural tresses of the wearer and cover for the lack of hair.

Often, younger men fret about losing hair early and it can be disastrous to their morale and self-confidence. This feeling hampers the self-esteem of a man and is often a major contributor behind failed personal relationships. And since stress leads to more hair fall, it becomes kind of a vicious cycle where an individual continues stressing about losing hair and loses hair from all the stress. Experts say that one should not be disappointed because there are a variety of options that are now available to men that are cost effective, easy to use, and most importantly do not require surgery. The option of a toupee for instance has been used by men since a long time; and with every day, technology has made positive contributions and today it is almost impossible to differentiate whether a man is donning a toupee or is the hair natural. In fact, Sean Connery in his award winning performances of all James Bond movies was actually wearing a toupee! And that did not stop him from giving a brilliant performance that won the hearts of the viewers and the jury alike.

Another great option available to today’s generation is the lace wig glue or its cousin the lace wig tape. Both of these products help cover up receding hairlines, patches of baldness and also enhance the general appearance of the hair. However, to use a tape or glue is a decision that should be made by the individual depending upon his skin type; as both of these have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Since both of these are contact type adhesives, it would be a good idea to check the product beforehand and not jump in to direct application first. One could conduct a simple test with taking a drop of the glue in a sensitive skin area like the forearm and removing it within an hour. If the skin shows no sign or irritation like itchiness, red marks etc even after 24 hours, is can be assumed that your skin had adapted to the product. If not, one might want to choose the tape which is a slightly more sensitive product as compared to the glue.

The point is that there are so many solutions available in the market to losing hair that one should give most of them a try before settling in with the sinking heart feeling. After all, end of your hair does not mean the end of your life!

I, Twibill Brown is a hair stylist by profession in USA. As most of the men and women are loosing their hair at early stages in their life. I am here to solve their problems to some extent by suggesting them the best hair replacement systems, hair products. In this article of mine, I am discussing about how people get concious and frightened when they start losing their hair. One need not to be worried about this situation. In this modern times, you can get you hair back by different hair replacement systems. For more information on the same, visit


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I, Twibill Brown is a hair stylist by profession in USA. As most of the men and women are loosing their hair at early stages in their life. I am here to solve their problems to some extent.

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