Don't eat that poison, keep your family safe.

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This page is about the food you are buying and feeding to your family, and how there is people out there working in industry, who value money over the lives, of you and your children.

Don't poison yourself, please!

It still shocks me, to see the amount of rubbish and poison that people are still putting into there shopping baskets, when I am doing my local shopping. I hear all the time on television, radio and the internet, that people are much more healthier these days, and that many are living much healthier lifestyles. I fail to see the proof when shopping though, and as I walk around my local shopping center, with my trolley which is usually packed with green stuff, I see that I am the odd one out, and I stand out from the crowd.
Yesterday I was watching a man and his two young girls whilst out the checkout isle, they seemed like a really nice little family, and he seemed like a nice man. Yet I wondered if he knew that almost every item he was buying, was poisonous, if his children were to keep eating like that for the rest of there lives, then they would surely die younger than they should.
We need to realize what is going on with the world, I believe we are at a point and time in history when knowledge is no longer optional, but a must for our survival. Morals have now changed, peoples principles are different, and our values on a mass scale are not what they once were. Whether or not people are actually trying to kill you through food, as some people believe, is irrelevant at this point. The fact is there are people out there, and not your ordinary Joe's, but big movers and shakers in advertisement and industry, who value money over yours and your children's life's. We must no this fact, and we must accept it as the truth, even governments will not step in to stop this madness.

They don't care

These big companies and corperations that are making money off the way we live, and off what we eat and put In our bodies, are truly the baddies in life, and we should all be watching them much more closely. It a sad fact that they mess with the foods we eat, so profit is the ultimate goal, rather than the health and well being of there clients. If they can put something on the food which will preserve it, and keep it fresh for longer, so they have more time to sell it, then it does not matter that the preserver is bad for the health of the people, they will use it anyway. And then there is the fact that food does not taste all that good in its natural form, but is naturally made by the earth to suit the needs of our bodies. So why do all these sweets and treats that the general public feed there children taste so good? Because it is not real food, its crap, and goodness only knows the effects it is having on our children.


Luckily for us, the people, the general public, we have a weapon to counteract, this undercover terrorist attack, knowledge. Knowledge is power, and the truth shall set you free, but not only you, as your friends and family will reap the rewards of your learning. The internet has become one of our most powerful tools, as we can now connect with people from all around the world instantly, and we are only a fingertip away from all the information, we will ever need on keeping us and our families, healthy and safe. Don't be scared, and don't be silly, educate yourself, on whats good and whats not, stand out from the crowd, and make a stand, as life is for living, not dying.

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author avatar chrysolite
16th Oct 2013 (#)

I couldn't agree more with you, michael, thank you for this great article.

I've studied health and healthy lifestyle early on and was supported by my parents. I'm 58 and healthy while younger people around me are dying from various illnesses. This is how it is and we can only get out of this dilemma if we apply ourselves not only studying, but actively DOING and changing to a healthy lifestyle if we were not already educated to do so. Difficult, yes, but not impossible and life is great being healthy in old age, too!

Thank you again, friend, I hope many people will read this article and will change!

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author avatar micheal
16th Oct 2013 (#)

It is great to hear you are so healthy, it is well deserved, thank you for your comment.

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