Dr Mishra: prince of health progress in Africa

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A look at ebullient doctor who has been calling the shots in the African continent.

Force to reckon with

Dr S.R. Mishra, a top and prominent Indian and Germany-educated obstetrician and gynecologist now based in Kenya, Eldoret town, in the expansive Rift Valley province, is no doubt a force to reckon with in various medical circles in Africa.

Viewed by many as the prince of medical progress in Africa, and possessed with the rare determination and commitment of expanding health institutions in East and Central Africa for the good and betterment of mankind, it is evident that there is no looking back for the distinguished health expert.


A vivacious, enthusiastic, focused and upright medical personality, Dr Mishra has a penchant of endearing himself to people of all cadres, despite his social status.

He has embarked on a spirited effort of expanding giant health systems in East and Central Africa in a remarkable feat that has been applauded by Presidents, top government officials and citizens, many of whom have nicknamed him prince of development.

Dr Mishra is both chairman of the Reproductive Health School of Medicine at the Moi University in Eldoret, and also Chief executive officer of the Medi-Heal Group of Hospitals, which are scattered across the beautiful land of Kenya, as well as in the East and Central African region.

These hospitals which Dr. Mishra started sometimes back, have become popular, for offering appealing health services to patients at cheaper and affordable rates.

Souls of the earth

Thousands of people of all walks of life from the region have been benefiting from Dr Mishra's health facilities, with the souls of the earth who cannot afford exorbitant charges elsewhere, owing to harsh economic times flocking to Mishra's health centers daily.

Prominent personalities, among them the flamboyant and development-conscious Kenyan lady politician Mary Wambui (now Member of parliament for Othaya constituency, Central Kenya), have also toured some of the hospitals and welcomed the progress witnessed there in just a short period of time with appreciation.

Dr Mishra, a talented entrepreneur through and through, is known and respected in several medical and academic circles due to his creative genius in the business and medical arena.

He is also held in high esteem by African Presidents and high-ranking officials particularly in the Kenyan government.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto have recognized Dr Mishra's role in development in Kenya and beyond.

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has described Dr Mishra as a gift for Africa.

Socially, Dr Mishra is up to the mark and commands huge respect.

He speaks fluent local Kalenjin language after having integrated with the indigenous people in Eldoret town for many years.

But Dr. Mishra fears nobody. However, he respects everybody, young and old, rich or poor, sick or healthy.

His commitment is in the service of mankind, which he offers with zeal, zest, vigor and vitality.

Whenever he handles his job, he does so with precision and utter dexterity.

Always a welcoming person, Dr Mishra also has the underprivileged in his heart. Many a times, he has assisted, and continues to assist the poor and the needy.

His noble achievements will be measured kindly by history, and yes, his legacy on health and development will live forever.

And despite belonging to the class of the rich, Dr Mishra does not confine himself to the cocoon of the haves. He opens up to the ceiling of the have-nots as well!

Dr Mishra is a straight-forward personality.

He has no time for inefficiency, corruption, mediocrity, parochialism, bureaucracy and laziness.

Truth, justice and honesty are Dr Mishra's guiding lights and the tenets he strictly adheres to.

And despite the fact that he is an ambitious man who has achieved a lot in the medical world, defeat or a sense of loss is not within his vocabulary.

Dr Mishra really hates any sense of defeat that can make him fail in his endeavors.

The sense of defeat which Dr Mishra so detests in his checkered career, has either discouraged or brought down other giants throughout history.

V.S. Naipaul

It was the famous and controversial British novelist and essayist of Indo-Trinidadian descent Sir Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, popularly known as V.S. Naipaul, who aptly and timely enlightened the world on the concept of defeat that affected many of his characters, leaving them wallowing in an aura of sheer disillusionment, in his epic book, "Miguel Street".

Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul is the celebrated author of other such literary classics as, "A House For Mr Biswas", "The Suffrage of Elvira", "The Mimic Men", "The Overcrowded Barracoon", "Mr Stone and the Knights Companion" and "The Loss of El Dorado."

Back to Dr Mishra, success, sheer success is his line of thought and pursuit, the axis around which he fixes his clear mind.

No doubt, Dr Mishra is one of the most efficient and committed doctors not only Kenya, India or Africa has produced, but the world at large.

It is through Dr Mishra and the health institutions he started from scratch sometimes back to assist mankind and the Souls of the earth, that the medical world is viewed with clarity and purified beauty like a landscape reflected in the convex surface of an optical glass.

Earlier, influential Kenyan politician and Member of parliament Mary Wambui, lauded the management of the Eldoret Medi-Heal hospital and fertility Center, for ensuring cost-effectiveness which has enabled the ordinary people in the North Rift region to afford the hospital´s rates.

She noted with appreciation that the hospitals decision to ensure that the rates were affordable had enabled scores of the local people to seek treatment there over a number of ailments.

"This hospital is cost effective which is a very wise and positive move by the authorities". The common men and women can afford and get access to the high standards of treatment here, and the ultra-modern medical facilities", Wambui said when she made an extensive tour of the two-year old health institution and its spacious departments.

She was accompanied by a Nairobi businesswoman Nancy Weinstein, as Dr Mishra took Wambui around the hospital.

Also present was the hospitals matron Mary Mucerah.

Staff of the health institution who included doctors, nurses and casuals and who numbered 120, were also present and gave Wambui an enthusiastic reception, as well as a bouquet of flowers.

A jovial Wambui noted with appreciation that the hospital´s management had worked diligently to expand and modernize the health institution and fit it with state-of the-art medical equipment.

She commended the hospital's staff and casuals for dedication to duty.

Wambui emphasized that the sick need all the care, comfort and attention in the world.

It was of paramount importance, she stated, that the hospitals staff work towards the realization of these objectives.

Wambui was particularly moved when she visited the Neo Natal department which caters for babies, born sick and prematurely.

She stressed that the area was one of the most sensitive departments and where utmost care should be effected.

The country, she asserted, cannot afford to lose infants who had just been born, and who could be vital assets in future.

Other departments at the hospital which Wambui toured included the laboratory, radiology, nursing, imaging, operation theater, obsgynae and cardiology units, renal, the intensive care unit, the high dependency unit and the intra vitro fertilization department which caters for couples who cannot have children for one reason or another.

Wambui noted that all the departments were air-conditioned and cleanliness had been carefully observed.

In his remarks, Dr Mishra told the guests that the hospitals management would open another hospital of the same standard in Soy location to cater for the growing population in Uasin Gishu district.

He said all the modalities at the hospital which Wambui toured had been observed, and that the authorities had worked tirelessly to ensure that the local people benefited from the cost effectiveness, good personnel, good nursing and modern equipment, among other facilities

An ultra-modern hospital aimed at serving residents of Western province and parts of North Rift region has been put up in Lugari district, Western Kenya, at a cost of Ksh50 million.

The state-of-the art private health institution, equipped with modern facilities that includes, modern X-ray equipment, laboratory, intensive care unit ( ICU ) and pharmacy unit has been set up at Soy trading center, along the Lugari/Uasin Gishu districts border.

According to Dr Mishra, the Medi-Heal hospital will offer medical services to patients at affordable rates.

The hospital is a branch of the major Eldoret-based Medi-Heal health institution which has been in operation for more than three years, and which has equally advanced medical facilities.

Addressing the press in Lugari district sometimes back where the new hospital has been established, Dr Mishra revealed that four doctors would be based at the new private hospital to attend to patients whose number is anticipated to increase.

Dr Mishra who was accompanied by the assistant deputy Director of the Moi teaching and referral hospital Dr Simiyu Tabu, further disclosed that the hospital will have more than 20 specialists drawn from Kitale and Uasin Gishu districts and who will be practicing at the private health facility.

He said that he, and an Eldoret-based medical practitioner Dr Gilbert Anjiji, financed the construction of the new hospital in order to supplement the government´s efforts of bringing medical services closer to the people.

Dr Mishra emphasized that the health facility was located at an ideal site where patients from various parts of the Western and North Rift region of Kenya would be attended to promptly, instead of being constantly referred to the Eldoret-based Moi Teaching and Referral hospital.

"We have installed modern equipments at the private health institution that should be capable of handling emergency cases," Dr Mishra stressed.

He urged members of the public to take advantage of the new hospital, noting that it would offer affordable charges unlike other private clinics, which charge exorbitant fees.


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