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"...I have a dream today...I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low. The rough places wild be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight..."

How it all began for me

The idea of this article came to me one day, in February 2013 (one year ago, considering the date I’m writing it). I was a young man (well, I still am a young man) struggling with job issues, people issues, love issues, money issues...issues…issues, issues. Looking back now, I cannot believe just how far from that I got in just one year time.
Well, now you probably want to read my story. If I come to think about it, the story is not that important (but I will share it with you anyway). I had to hit rock bottom in order to start the journey I’m currently talking about. Depressed, physically down, finding no purpose in life, this is how 2013 began for me. Then…the most revealing, mindful, self-discovery quest began. Just like that! One day, with a small Louis Hay wisdom card that said “Everything I need comes to me at the perfect time”. At that point I knew, I felt it in my every cell, life was going to change. And so it did!
One year later, here I am, standing in front of my computer, feeling the urge of sharing this with the world. Why? Because if I did it, YOU can do it as well. I’m not different; I don’t possess any superhuman powers (at least none that I know of). And still, my life is so much different now, than it was a while ago.

BIG dreaming triggers

Some while ago I started noticing that people spend 50% of their time wondering (I’m talking about mind wandering, conscious troubling, planning, procrastination) about what their future would look like. Leaving aside the ineffectiveness of such actions, it’s sad. Just sad! Wasting such great amount of time and energy on something that might or might not happen, creating these sci-fi scenarios about what would make us happy…or unhappy.
So, I made an experiment between December 30th 2013 and January 3rd 2014. I asked all my friends to share their resolutions for 2014. This is what I found out:
1. ...80% of them wrote impersonal wishes - clichés. Maybe a new career opportunity, a car, an expensive vacation in some exotic place, a new wardrobe, happiness, health, abundance…
2. ...Almost all of them felt uncomfortable, even embarrassed, to open up about what they wished for
3. ...What happened next? All those dreams and wishes ended up locked away in drawers, desks (for “safe keeping”) or worse…in the garbage
So now I wonder, why would people throw away their desires and dreams?
Why would people be embarrassed about what they really want in life?
Why would people engage in small and stereotypical “dreams” for their future?
Do we still build lifelong dreams or just some wishful short term plans?
How do we treat our dreams? What’s the cost of dreaming BIG?
Whoever taught us to let go of our dreams and start behaving like society robots?

Your turn!

Now, I challenge you to dream! Old childhood dreams, new dreams, strong heart desires, thing you always felt you were meant to do, be or have…ALL OF THEM! Put them down in writing. Rewrite your life consciously, life should emanate from you. Rest your mind and redesign your subconscious blueprint. Visualize, write down and verbalize your dreams and see them come true.
I’ll start. My future looks like this…
…I see myself as a successful mindfulness teacher, mindfulness trainer or life coach, until 2016, as a start of a thriving career…
…I remove all spiritual (karmic) and psychological (sabotaging and limiting) blocks until 2018, which allows abundance, happiness, health and personal growth to flow freely in my life…
…I give back to society and humanity out of the precious gifts that life entitles me with…
…I start a family by 2020, with 2 beautiful, healthy children…
…I win/earn/receive 1,000,000 euros net worth in 2014…
…I gain financial independence with a monthly income of at least 4,000 euros net worth, for the rest of my life…
…I publish my first personal spiritual development book until 2018, which becomes a bestseller with at least 1,000,000 sold hardcopies…
…I get to see at least 3 new places each year, which I choose…
NOW it’s YOUR time to DREAM BIG. YOUR time to build YOUR future just as you want it to be.
I want to read about what you really want in life. The world wants to read about your dreams. Write them below, as detailed and as BIG as possible. I dare you!
Just leave a comment below.

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