Dream Meaning - Naked Dreams

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This is a short article on the meaning of naked dreams.

Dream Meaning - Naked Dreams

You are going about your normal life, waking up, having breakfast, making your way to work but you realize you are totally naked, at least it is just a dream!

Dreams where you are totally or party naked are quite common, being naked in a dream can mean different things depending on your current life situation.

If you are horrified that you are naked in your dream then that means that you feel ashamed and/or feel vulnerable. You may be hiding something and you are afraid that people will find out what you are hiding from them.

Another meaning for being naked in a dream is that your subconscious is trying to tell you that you are not being your true self, the way your subconscious does that is by taking away clothes because clothes hide who you are (you could change your whole identify with just clothes). This could be if you are trying to express others because you are in a new environment, for example: a new school, a new job or a new relationship.

Being naked in a dream can also mean that that you are caught off guard. For example if you dreamt that you were naked in a classroom that would suggest that you had unfinished work/homework for that class.

If you are naked in a dream but no one notices that you are naked then this often means that if something you have hidden gets exposed then no one will notice but you. This is your subconscious trying to say your making an issue out of nothing or making the situation seem bigger than it really is.

If you dream that you are naked but you have no shame in this than this shows that you are proud of your body, that you are proud of yourself. This usually happens when you have nothing to hide, so the dream is about being a honest and carefree person.

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author avatar Denise O
11th Oct 2010 (#)

I can honestly say, I have never dreamed ( that I know of) of being naked.
I wonder what that says about me...hmmmm
Thank you for sharing.:)

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