Dream Meaning - Opposite Sex Dreams

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What is the hidden message of opposite sex dreams?

Dream Meaning - Opposite Sex Dreams

About a month ago I had a dream that I was a female and this dream happened 3 nights in a row (click here to see that dream) and at first I didn't think anything of it but after 3 nights I figured that my brain was telling me something, it could be that I'm a transsexual or that there is a hidden meaning to the dreams.

Now since I don't have feelings to be a girl then the dream must have been a hidden message from my subconscious. So after a couple of hours searching the internet for the meaning of opposite sex dreams I came to a conclusion.

Most sites said that it meant you need to incorporate more qualities of the other gender and that you should try being more open minded to the other sex. However this didn’t help at all, sure I gave me some relief knowing that the dream really did have a secret meaning rather than me being messed in the head.

So I then questioned the difference between someone’s gender and someone’s sex. Basically your sex is what is between you legs (what you are born with) and your gender is if you are masculine or feminine (depends on how society shapes you).

So if you what to be more masculine or feminine (from big changes to tiny changes) you have to work out what it is. For example you might want to be more sensitive (feminine) to people around you or someone specific. Another example is that you want to be more competitive (masculine) in something, like a sport or in a job.

Opposite sex dreams could also mean you want to get closer to a special someone of the opposite sex, it could be family or someone who you want to develop a deeper relationship with (a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband etc).

Another meaning could be applicable if you dreamed of being the opposite sex without doing any thing sexual in the dream. This 3rd opposite sex meaning is that you curious about the other sex and what to learn more about them and feel what it is like to be the opposite sex, so you dream of being the opposite sex to try and satisfy your curiosity.

Personally I have stopped analysing my dreams because they are not that important to me now, after all they are not real so they are meaningless and after all this research I still don't know why I dreamt of being a girl.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
15th Sep 2010 (#)

Very interesting insight into the mysterious world of dreams...

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author avatar Retired
16th Sep 2010 (#)

Poor guy! I know what you mean about dreams, they can certainly make you crazy if you let them. :)

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author avatar Juno
10th Feb 2013 (#)

That helped a lot, thanks! I had a dream that involved being eaten by a giraffe (still havent figured that part out yet) while being a guy (I'm a girl) who was in love with a girl.

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author avatar Zoe
12th Aug 2017 (#)

Are you a lesbi? (not judging i have a few friends like that) just a question :)

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author avatar Alex
8th Mar 2013 (#)

I was a woman on a futuristic earth. Talking to another man who has a date. Gotta say it was quite an experience.

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author avatar Marc
10th Mar 2013 (#)

I had a dream I was a woman, but that I was playing with myself while watching another woman, steamy stuff.

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author avatar Nicholas sanders
5th Jun 2013 (#)

i have alot of dreams being a giorl and wearing girls clothes is this normal nick

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author avatar Danielle
18th Jul 2013 (#)

I had a dream I was male and had a girlfriend..??

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author avatar Lee
22nd Sep 2013 (#)

I dream of being the opposite sex every night and always have. As a woman in my dreams I do have sex with men. It drives my wife crazy because I also talk in my sleep. So she hears the whole story until she wakes me. She studied Psychology in college and tells me its Gender Identity Disorder. Which for me may be true because I also have the same Day dreams and in the past I have had relationships with guys.

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author avatar Damien Costanza
25th Apr 2014 (#)

Here's an alternative view: A hippie friend told me if u dream about being the opposite gender it simply means you are remembering a previous life where u were a man but are now a woman in this life, or vice versa.

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author avatar Rikoei
29th Jun 2014 (#)

Wow I think it was more of the curiosity of being the opposite gender for me I was a male in the dream and I was so happy I woke up with a vagina since I'm born a girl haha it felt real though which I never experienced that before in a dream so it was the weirdest dream I've ever had in my life
Oh and which is weird about this is that I'm straight

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author avatar Uri
26th Aug 2014 (#)

I've had a similar but recurring dream since I was around 11... It is very weird. Im a woman and in my dream Im doing just normal stuff and then I feel like peeing and when I go to the toilet I see myself peeing standing, then I realize Im not a girl/woman. Now Im 27 years old and just last week I had the same exact dream. The weird part is that it feels so real I wake up wanting to pee just like my dream but I realize Im a woman and feeling weird like something is missing and like its not me. Maybe I was a man in a past live? I haven't figure it out yet.

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author avatar Blessing
14th Nov 2014 (#)

The actual meaning of opposite gender dreams means you were a twin, but the other didn't form well. Fine out about vanishing twin on the web and you will understand

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author avatar Tabitha
20th May 2015 (#)

I often find myself dreaming that I am a male...at times others in my dreams take on other genders as well and sometimes they do not. My boyfriend can be a male or a female, though we are sitll the same people in my dreams.

I have come to believe it is just the way I see things. Growing up with strict gender roles I think I dream of being a man when things are confused and out of control in my waking life. Men "seem" to have more control over the world around them and can bring order to chaos. I think when I feel things are out of control I dream of being a male so that I can have that "control" over my life and sittuations back.

I am not an expert but this interpretation feels right to me.

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author avatar Tabitha
20th May 2015 (#)

By the same token perhaps men dream of being women so they "can let go" of the control they have...a decision they don't want to HAVE to make or some other thing that falls to them because they are male.

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author avatar Angie
3rd Apr 2016 (#)

I have dreams about being a man about 3 times a month. Most times it's being sexual with a woman. It's mostly out of habit or a strange urge . Not really enjoyable though. I bodyswap with a lot of people of different ages and races.
I believe in reincarnation . That's my concision ,in my past lives I used to be a man sometimes. I enjoy being a straight woman so I think theses are just glimpses of past view points.
So it's normal and maybe more common than we think. Could be anyways.

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author avatar Kyra
4th Sep 2017 (#)

I'm not a very feminine woman most of the time. Sometimes I'll wear nail polish and put on makeup and wear "girly" clothes, but sometimes I just put on a t-shirt and jeans. When I had a dream of being the opposite sex, I started questioning my gender expression. I don't know if this has any correlation, but I'm a lesbian.

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author avatar Elijah
13th Mar 2018 (#)

Thank you so much! I have had too many dream about being a girl or turning into one. But that might just be because of what I watch on the internet.

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