Drink coffee exceptional vigilance and mental energy

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Coffee is the second most commodities issued around the world after oil, and daily consumption usually exercised by all due to their taste and smell and benefits.

Everything has been said contradictory statements about coffee, but certainly it has great health benefits, despite some minor side effects.

Drink coffee exceptional vigilance and mental energy

Following a broad study published by the magazine "The New England Journal of Medical" in the year 2012, researchers recruited who supervised by 400 thousand people aged from 50 to 71 years, been traced throughout 13 years alone, then to the simple conclusion that whenever people drinking coffee have decreased risk of death, but the remaining quantity ideal is within four to five cups a day, this is the quantity reduces the possibility of death by 12 percent in men versus 16 percent for women, even if sip a cup one person a day, the ratio of the probability of his death fall 5 percent to 6 percent.

Recently, evidence emerged on the pros many impressive coffees, it reduces the risk of injury by the Alzheimer disease by 20 percent if the person drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee daily. Good coffee is dental studies have revealed that it contains anti-bacterial materials of trying to cling to the port of decayed teeth.

Coffee protects from diabetes type II, and free of gallstones, and constitute the greater weight, and liver cancer.

Research showed that coffee is very rich in anti-oxidization of exhausting efforts to protect the cells of the various members of the claws of the roots free chemical and harmful interactions.

Some might worry from drinking coffee, thinking that caffeine affects blood pressure or the heart muscle or in the brain, are they right?

To eliminate uncertainty, researchers from the University of North Stern in Chicago information from hundreds of thousands of coffee drinkers show that coffee does not raise blood pressure in the long term, and increase the possibility of ischemic heart and stroke.

Of course, this does not mean that the coffee does not have flaws, some more HEARTBURN after a sip coffee, and some others may fly coffee sleep from his eyes, and others, they may increase the frequency of the effects of contraction in the heart, but without that this constitutes a danger to health.

Coffee remains good, even excellent, in order to increase vigilance and energy substances, as well as the social function when he meets friends on the cup holders, making it an exceptional drink.


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