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Moving ahead in life after many deceptions and tribulations can be
difficult, but knowing how to drop the past, can help you have a brighter
and successful future.

Step 1

Let go of the past: You may say, "Sure easy to say hard to do or how?" Especially
when you have been betrayed, deceived, and thrown on the trash! Well, in life we have
two choices: Sit down and cry till we drop, or continue going without looking back.
As long as you are living in the past, you will lose your future.
Seek professional help, if it is too difficult for you to do.

Step 2

Focus on the future: We cannot change the things that has happened to us,
or erase everything from our mind. But with the proper attitude we can move forward,
regardless, of the obstacles, with faith and determination, we can do more than we
think we can accomplish.
Write down what you what to change, do, and have, and start working toward
your goal.

Step 3

Prepare yourself: When you are trying to start anew, you may encounter
many negative comments of people, or even your own poor self-image
standing before you as a wall.
Know that this will happen, get ready, go against these voices, and focus
on you and on what you want.

Step 4

What is your goal? Think, write, and start working toward it.
Look for schools, or seek the advice of experts in the field or area.
Search the Internet, read books, attend seminars, take classes, watch videos of
peoples who have overcome barriers.
*Encouragement is crucial when starting over after a cruel past.

Step 5

Avoid the same mistakes: Think of the wrong decisions you made in the
past, and learn from them, and try your best not to make them again.
Maybe it seems impossible to look toward the future with hope,
but it can be done when you go against your own negative thinking,
and stand firm, even when you feel your legs are trembling.

Emotional Healing

Face the truth: You may need to seek the help of a Spiritual leader,
Psychologist, or you may need to join a community Support Group.
Inner healing needs to take place before you can fully begin again.
*Forgive others for your benefit, release yourself from the chains.


Moving Forward, Moving On, You Can Start Again

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