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Drug addiction is the worst habit practiced by few youths in the society. The youths do not know the impact of this drug habit upon their body and mind. They feel pleasure of enjoying drugs. Initially they take the drugs for a moment and encourages others to share of it. But they are unable to give it up.


Drug addiction is a great social menace which has assumed an alarming proportion in recent times. It is eating into the vitals of the youths who are the future hopes of the country. This is now a world-wide phenomenon and Indian youths are also falling prey to its disastrous tentacles. Drugs like heroin ,brown sugar, L.S.D become a habit to the people and once they have a taste of it, they become their slaves. The social malady has ruined millions of youths all over the world. India also could not escape its growing clutches. it is feared that if no corrective measures are taken by the government or by different social organizations immediately .It may be too late to save the society from this destructive vice.
Sociologists think the youths turn to these drugs out of sheer frustration. It may be true to some extent .The youths, in general, do not not see much light for their future. A sense of frustration grows in them. They want to escape from hard realities for a short period.Sometimes they take to it out of sheer fun. But once they have a taste of it they become addicted and find it next to impossible to come out of this killing habit. Drug addiction may also come from parental neglect, loneliness and pressure from friends. There are many drug pedlars who pose as vendors and lace foodstuff with drugs. Thus many people become addicted to drug without being aware of it .

Evil effects of drugs and how to curb it.

The result of drug addiction is really dangerous. It not only ruins the health of the addict but also cuts down his life span. One may also die if one gives up taking drugs suddenly .The effect of drug addiction is just like slow poisoning.
All out measures should be taken by the government to curb drug addiction. Drug pedlars should be heavily punished. Simultaneously, government and social organizations should take proper care to treat the drug addicts and rehabilitate them suitably in the society. Drug therapy units should be opened in all Government hospitals under the care of qualified psychiatrists and sociologists.it has to be impressed upon the addict that all is not over with him and with a little determination, he can get back his normal healthy life.Drug addicts should be kept under constant watch. They should not be looked down upon by the society. They should be handled with utmost care .The have become the victim of the circumstances. They do not take drugs on their own accord. They should be treated with full compassion. Once their mental strength is restored,they will come out of the deadly mess.


Drug addicts are mentally weak. They can not cope up with the pressure of the family.They feel that they are neglected by the parents and all other members of the family. They lose their good friends and fall in the bad company of friends to seek the solace of mental agony. But alas, they are trapped in the bad company of evil friends. Those who are good shun the company of drug addict . The parents initially try to rescue them from the evil companies so that they may return to normal way of life. The parents leave no stone unturned to motivate them to give up the habit of drug addiction.


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author avatar Retired
2nd Aug 2015 (#)

I think addiction is basically an emotional and mental weakness...so if you get over an addiction (in this case a drug addiction) it will propably be replaced by another. To solve this, one needs to find what makes him become addicted to something..professional help is needed)

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
3rd Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for thought provoking comments.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Aug 2015 (#)

Children need time with their parents. Now parents give material comforts than psychological support to soothe them.Then they feel lost and fall prey to drugs etc.

Thanks for this highlight - let us get our priorities right - siva

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
8th Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks for good advice.

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