Drugs Leads To Death

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Drugs leads to death and no one can do anything about it until someone stands and help them get help and encourage them that the right path is college,education and a future ahead for them. Most schools around the country talk to young kids about being "Drug Free" and saying (no) to strangers who ask them that is a good lesson for kids to learn. Only one person can help you if you desire the help and that's you and your parents.

Death From Drugs

Many celebrities as you may know died from drugs for example( Marilyn Monroe,Elvis Presley,Anna Nicole Smith,Michael Jackson,Amy Winehouse and the singer of all time Whitney Houston). Drugs is a very hard thing to deal with right now every teen as you may know might do drugs and don't have no one to turn to or depend but themselves. Life as we know it today is very hard to deal with it when it comes to doing drugs along the way. Many parents try to help their kids but the drugs that they are taking changes their mind about a lot of things. Teenagers begin stealing from stores,parents and even their sisters and brothers. Some start prostitution on the street selling their bodies to strangers who do not care about them at all. We should all stand as one and help our teens to stop drinking and driving and doing drugs that will kill their system to the point that they end up dead. Drugs have a very strong addiction on children that can children can never stop doing. Many people today are still smoking and it maybe too late to save their lives but all we can is pray for them and to make sure that their family is lifted up in our prayers for good. We should support our children to not smoke and to stay positive about their life and become lawyers,doctors,and nurses or anything they set they heart to in the future. Remember support our children keep them safe from any harm and help them stay on the right track to safety and to say (no) to drugs when anybody comes to them with any.


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