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Because of constraints time and daily activities and problems, most women especially workers one find a problem with washing their hair because it take a long time to dry it.

The magical solution to wash your hair everyday!

In the same time,they want to clean her hair and her scalp from accumulated oils , and there is another type of women which has oily hair and washing it daily and drying it may cause excess oil production, So what can do this women in order to solve this problem?
Did you heard about dry shampoo ? and how to use it?
Dry shampoo is considered from the most important tips which helps to get rid of the excess natural oils that are accumulated on the scalp without losing any time in dry it with a an electric dryer after washing your hair, it is also considered as a magical tool to hairdressing if you want to keep your hair clean and fresh after a long day without damaging it.
What is the dry shampoo?
It is a dry material, whether it is powder or a spray, it is used as a replacement for normal shampoo to clean the hair without needing to wash it with water, It absorbs the execess oils and dirtes and keep the hair dry and easy to to style it, So after using it for three times you must wash your hair normally.
Types of dry shampoo:
There are two types of dry shampoo, the first one is a spray ( liquid) and the other one is a powder, and there are a lot of brands with many prices, and you should economise when you use it and make sure to put it in all the roots of the hair.
Benefits of dry shampoo:
- It is used in case of travelling or emergency trips and especially in case of there isn't water.
- Easy to use and has a fast effect so it can clean the hair in a few minutes without using water.
- Reduces from the oily looking of the hair.
- Increases the density of the hair.
- It maintains the color of the hair dye of a long period of time.


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I prefer to use water and don't care how long it takes to dry...

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