Dwindling Aspirations of Aspirin

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Aspirin has been the hope of heart patients for many years. But recent studies and opinions have dwindled the number of people going for aspirin, fearing its side effects.

Is aspirin dwindling?

Aspirin has been the hope of heart health for many years. In spite of the growing awareness of aspirin usage, there was a massive aspirin TV campaign in 2007, promoting the daily use of aspirin. But people are scared of using aspirin today. Doctors are advised to stop prescribing aspirin for for people who had no heart attacks till then treating it as a preventive drug. Medical world of today believes that giving aspirin to the patients who had not experienced an attack can do more harm than good.

Aspirin was the hope of heart patients

Aspirin was the only hope of many heart patients. They carried aspirin tablets wherever they went. People who were at the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes 2 had been prescribed with low dose aspirin daily as a preventive drug.

Why is the hope of aspirin dwindling?

1) More and more people are becoming aware of the side effects of low dose aspirin medicines. Hence, they do not want to have more troubles by taking it as medicine for preventing heart attack. This trend outweighs the advantages of aspirin completely.

2) Alternative medicines, that are gaining more popularity, are attracting the attention of people to replace aspirin with natural methods that have no side effects.

3) Several studies that have been going on for the past two decades on the use of daily aspirin have revealed more negative results about aspirin usage. They found that it caused stomach bleeding and ulcer. They also found that taking low dose aspirin daily could not prevent fatal heart attacks completely.

Think twice

4) Some observations have manifested that low dose daily aspirin regimen increased chances of brain strokes and kidney problems.

5) Senior citizens taking low dose aspirin daily were affected by wet macular degeneration that led them to many ophthalmic problems.

6) Natural anticoagulants such as fish oil and vitamin C and Oriental medicines using herbs such as hawthorn berry are gaining more popularity, dwindling the popularity of aspirin.

Taking low dose aspirin daily as preventive medicine for heart problems is facing problems because of advertisements and recent discoveries. But still many people continue to take aspirin for preventing heart attacks. It is prudent, especially in the case of people aged above 45, to consult the doctors before taking aspirin on their own accord.


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author avatar Robb714
18th Sep 2012 (#)

Very interesting V, but I think we would both agree nothing replaces good ole diet and exercise to ward off ill health. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar vpaulose
19th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you Robb

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author avatar M G Singh
19th Sep 2012 (#)

Nice post, but most doctors in India still prescribe aspirin.

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author avatar vpaulose
19th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you Madan.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
19th Sep 2012 (#)

i just saw somone talking about this on bbc1 ...not good to take them...

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author avatar vpaulose
19th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you CN.

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