Ear Infections: Cause and Remedies

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There are 2 different types of ear infections. One on the outside of your eardrum and another on the inside of the ear, resulting in inflammation and pain in the ear drum. Some steps to take to to cure this at home is using certain vitamins and minerals. Or herbs.

The Ear

Frequent ear infections are troublesome and can be very costly. Taking antibiotics can cure your ear problems but only for a time. Built up ear wax in the ear is mostly the cause of such problems and antibiotics just cure it temporarily. The next time you get water trapped in your ear can cause the ear infection to reoccur. So to keep the ear from getting an infection again, you must remove the ear wax to get rid of water, fungal or bacteria trapped in the ear.

Ear Infections

It has been estimated that as many as 95% of infants and children get ear infections There are several different types of ear infections.
Outer Ear Infections- Also know as swimmers ear or External Otitis
Usually caused by or preceded by Respiratory Infections or Allergies. The ear canal, from the eardrum to the outside becomes inflamed and swollen.
Slight fever
Pain(often severe and throbbing) that worsens when the ear is touched or pulled
Most often caused by water trapped in the ear canal.

Middle Ear Infections or Otitis Media are very common in infants and children. Site of this infection is behind the eardrum, where the small bones of the eardrum are located.
Sharp, dull or throbbing pain
Feelings of pressure and fullness in the ear
Fever (as high as 103 F or higher
Children pull at their ear to relieve pressure or fullness
Perforation of Eardrum
A variety of different bacteria and viruses can cause middle ear infections. If perforation( burst eardrum) occurs then the ear will undergo a reduction in pain. A perforated eardrum causes hearing loss and a discharge of bloody fluid from the ear.
Frequent reoccurring ear infections are caused by Food Alergies and a bacterium called Branhamella Catarrahalis (B-cat)

Recommended Doses of Remedies

For a child between 6 and 12 use 1/2 the dosage for adults. A child under the age of 6 it is recommended to use 1/4 of the adult dosage.
Adult Dosage
natural beta carotene 20,000 IU daily
cod liver oil: 1 tsp daily.( for children a good source of vitamin A)
manganese 10 mg daily (take separately from calcium) Deficiency linked to eating disorders.
Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: 3,000 to 7,000 mg daily, in divided doses, This boosts immunity and fights infection.
Zinc: 10 mg in lozenge form 3 times daily for 5 days, then 50 mg daily in pill form. Do not exceed this amount.*
3 to 10 drops distilled water to use as an earwash: important as an antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral agent.
Vitamin B complex: 50 mg 3 times daily, Essential in healing and immune function.
Primrose Oil: 1,000 mg daily for adults and children over 6. 500 mg daily for children under 6. This reduces infection and inflammation.
Vitamin E: start with 200 IU daily and increase weekly until 800 IU daily. It enhances immune function.
* not recommended as toxicity may occur.

Herbs to Use

Take alcohol free echinacea extract by mouth as this will end an ear infection if you catch it early.
To alleviate pain a few drops of warm garlic or olive oil will alleviate pain in the ear. Then a drop or two of lobelia or mullein oil. Cotton ball will plug up the ear. A paste of onion powder or clay packs applied outside the ear will also help relieve the pain.
Take 1/2 dropper of goldenseal extract, alternating goldenseal with echinacea works as well.
(caution: do not take goldenseal for more than 1 week and do not use if pregnant. If you have a history of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or glaucoma use this remedy under a doctors supervision only.
Or you can use a combination or echinacea and goldenseal in capsule form.


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