Early Detection of Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer, is generally characterized by the presence of a lump in the breast. However, do not trigger worry if found a lump in the breast because not all mean cancer, and most are benign (tumor).

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when there is rapid growth of abnormal cells in the breast; starting from the duct system of the mammary gland which then grows, infiltrate other parts through the blood and lymph vessels, to attack to all parts of the body (metastasis).

Breast cancer, is generally characterized by the presence of a lump in the breast. However, do not trigger worry if found a lump in the breast because not all mean cancer, and most are benign (tumor). However, if it is found a lump in the breast, should remain vigilant and immediately ascertained whether the lump is benign (tumor) or cancer. The sooner cancer is diagnosed, treatment success will be even greater.

Therefore, it is important for women for the early detection of breast cancer, with the aim of detecting cancer as early as possible, to make it more manageable. An estimated 95% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage, can survive more than five years. Early detection is done, before the appearance of signs or symptoms suspicious of breast cancer.

Many doctors recommend to women, for the early detection of breast cancer through breast self-examination on a regular basis, once a month since the age of 20 years. Breast Self Examination can help check the condition of the breast, whether there is a lump or other changes that may be a sign of tumors or breast cancer are requires medical attention.

Breast Self-examination should be performed one week after the menstrual period begins, which is when the breasts are slack and feels softer.

If you experience irregular menstrual cycles or have experienced menopause or removal of the uterus, breast self-examination should be performed on the same date each month. As for nursing mothers, breast self-examination can be performed after breastfeeding or pumping breast milk.

Three Important Step

There are three important steps to perform breast self-examination, namely:

1. Observations on the mirror Standing in front of the mirror with your shoulders straight and your hands resting on her hips. Observe the size, shape and color of the breasts, as well as look for any change that is visible or swelling.

2. Tactile in standing position Raise your right arm behind your head, then use the fingers of the left hand to perform palpation in the right breast. Do the opposite of to palpation in the left breast.

3. Tactile in the recumbent position Lying on a hard surface. To do palpability right breast, put a pillow under right shoulder and place your right arm behind your head. Flatten the left hand fingers on the right breast, and press gently in a circular motion clockwise.

Start at the very top of the right breast (12 o'clock position), then move to the 10 o'clock and so on up to the 12 o'clock position Afterwards, move the radius of about two cm closer to the nipple, twisting movements continue as before until all parts of the breast , including completion nipples touched. Do the same for the left breast.

Need to be considered to perform breast self-examination that is true, use the third knuckle of the middle finger, not the tip of the finger. It is recommended repeating a circular motion with the finger book is accompanied with a slight emphasis, but be careful because excessive pressure causes pressure on the ribs and will feel like a lump.

Some changes can be found, among other things: the condition of the breast and nipple thickening, swelling, pain and redness; nipple that flipped to the inside and greenish discharge or blood; and bruising. If you find a lump or change in the breast during breast self-examination is cause for alarm, immediately consult a doctor.

Breast Self-examination is an important act because nearly 85% of breast lumps are found by patients themselves. In addition, breast self-examination is a means of early detection of breast cancer is the most simple and cheap. Therefore, doing regular breast self examination clinical breast examination is equipped with (breast examination by a doctor), mammography (for women aged> 40 years), as well as MRI and ultrasound mammary if found abnormal test results.


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